Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's The Night

Hi my sweet readers ;) How ya doing?
Hopefully everyone in good condition.

okay let the queen talk~~ LMAO!!

on May 6 2011, at Le Meridien
held my college fourth annual dinner..
some of you might already knew cause i did invited few of you
however, no one wanted to come with me, =.= sad!!

and as i told in my previous post..
i will be hosting this event with two other ppl right?
but if you're my twitter follower,you'll know that
at the last minutes i've cancelled my name as the host
and i found someone which is also my classmate to replace me
so yeah!! everything went really well that night for the hosting
and i was sitting at the back eating and cam whore with friends ;p
thanks so much to our leader for letting me go from the hosting
and thanks to my friend who replace my place too ;)

it's my night! bwahaha..
i won three awards that night,yepii..
really unexpected!!!
i didn't expect to get those awards,seriously!!
i'm really happy and thankful ;)
to everyone who votes me for those awards i won..
thank you much!!!

for Fashionable Student Female Category,
i think this kinda funny but yeah i like it ;)
for Best Foundation Student,
oh yeah i'm so proud to get this award
i felt that all my hard work got paid ;p
and and and and and and
for Queen Of The Night,
totally surprised, i'm so happy
it's my first prom night and i was titled as the prom queen
oh it's my night ;p hahaha..

and more happening..
i got to meet lots of nice people
especially my seniors, super seniors, & super super seniors
and i also got to see bunch of beautiful and handsome people
seriously, that night everyone look so wonderful ;)
everyone followed the theme; black and white [of red carpet moment]
ohh from students to seniors to lecturers to staff to outsiders to etc etc
everybody is just so stunning and gorgeous ;)

and in this opportunity i would like to congratulate
all the committee members of the event
for making the event super wonderful ;)

i'm looking forward to it again for next coming year

teaser piccie..

looks familiar? lol
you'll get to see this piccie on facebook and twitpic too
and now available on blogger,lmao!!

my trophy from left to right..
Best Foundation Student, Queen Of The Night,
Fashionable Student Female Category.

okay i'm done my crap ;)


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