Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi girls and guys!
Just back from my lousy college
Had a very bad mood due to some stupid ppl.

Ok let me share what happened . .

As had been told yesterday,today we going to meet one person from oversea university whom will run her thesis on us. After she arrived we all went to the conference room and she began her thesis. As we all know THESIS is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings.
The thesis is about Malaysian Youth. It was about the life of youth and to be more accurate, this thesis emphasize on youth current issues for example; personal life, education, family, friend, relationship, sex and etc etc.

What is my point?
What makes me so mad?

My point is . .
Please highlight the common word, sex. Yes, that's it.
I know Asian people was very sensitive to this word.
However, we need open our mind widely and look around us.
Watch and hear all the issues out there, which involves sex.
There are too many issues regarding this matter.
So why should we still ashamed to talk about it in public?
Knowledge lets us learn.

What makes me so mad is . .
I was so unlucky to be sitting next to an idiot.
I sat next to this guy who is a year younger than me.
Thesis should be something private and confidential.
Our identity are confidential and same goes to our answer.
However, this guy who sit next to me was so damn loud
He read the question out loud and laugh to himself.
Not only that, he keeps on looking my paper and the other girl next to him.
He keep nagging to himself and let others hear, as an example:

why did this question ask so much about sex?

2. this is a way too personal, why do they need to ask about this?
3. they ask where i live?, this is a kindergarden question.
4. i never do sex with girls, i only did with soap, does that count?
5. what did you answer for this and that question?
6. hey, how do you answer this?
7. oh no, this is too much, hahaha...
8. hey miss this person next to me need your help, haaha
9. hahaaha why there is question like this?
10. oh how am i going to answer all this question?

See..i can list what he said and it's even more than that.
I felt like going to punch his face and kick him out of the conference room.
I kept on asking him to silent and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
But he keep on nagging loudly..Errrghh..
I almost smack his face and shout . . :

We all know the thesis is confidential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So why would you afraid of you answer??
Simply answer whatever you think is right for you.
Thesis is to review, more like experiment.
No one interested with your answer though. Everybody has their own.
Damn this stupid idiot guy. Asshole!

He actually wants to be a cool and famous guy.
Some how, he turns out to be an idiot and empty head!
He had showed everyone that he is actually damn stupid, and even more.
Hey idiot, go and lick your own dick!!

Come on, guys and girls. Don't act like this.
If you want to be cool or hot people. Use your mind too.
Be smart/intelligent and then be cool/hot.
Not an empty head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is fucking shits.

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