Wednesday, April 13, 2011

singing my care away

Hi girls and you doing?
hopefully everyone doing awesome~

first of all, i want to say sorry
if there's any of my pictures goes 'idiot'
something goes wrong, my piccos here, it didn't appear
and i have no idea what had happened :/

anyway . .

i have no new story,LOL!!!!!!!!

oh yeah to all facebook-ers
i'm sorry that i've been extremely inactive there
i'm too bored..i was kinda no longer have the mood..
but you still can leave me a comment/message
i'll still reply on you, make it sound like a question ;)
*actually i did checked on my facebook everyday!
i just dont comment (lazy perhaps?)

however,i'm extremely active on twitter,lol
not that extreme,just.....more tweet/post
so if anyone of you have can tweet me though

all of you can link to my facebook..twitter..or whatever
here in my blog...just click on the link provided ;)

ohh..last week went to somewhere cold and relax
felt relief that it was only us (my little family)
i'll share more piccos later
(probably cause i'm too lazy,but i have the heart to show off)
LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh hoh..this morning accidentally/all of sudden
met few old friends from school and works
damn! this is super cool!!

first met the bad boy who is now the lengzhai, near the staircase, lol
was chit chat-ing with mabel, saw these two lengzhai so damn familiar
and suddenly one of them bothered me and asked:
ni jiao shen ma ming zi? zzzzzz...replied my name
he introduce himself..and i was like WTF!!!
no wonder look so damn familiar to my eyes..
seriously they doesn't look like before! leng!!

and the other friends i accidentally met
was just simply met up like; omg! it's been a long time..
well,girlsssss talk..what else..bla bla bla..
and one of them said, i'm thin already!! yay~
clap clap.. my control on eating goes pretty well,i suppose
although sometimes i just eat whatever with (big amount) =.=
especially when it is super duper yummy~~~

after that went down to photocopy some stuff
to my surprise..the photocopy shop owner
had a really super cute and lazy dog,,white in colour
aww,it's fur was so long and hard to see the eyes
i want to cuddle that damn cute dog!!

Today's post much more like today's diary..hmmmp..
I think that's all my craps for today.
i'll come back with more craps some other day
see you ;)

You were in my dream again. I miss you.

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