Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ours to keep.

April Fool?
NO!! April not fool, people are!

I'm not sure whether i got fooled or just been ignored.
I couldn't grab an attention or my message wasn't arrive.
I need a confirmation, telling me that it's okay or not.
I've been waiting for hours now.
I said it will be by midnight. But it had past midnight.
Still, i didn't encounter a respond.
I suppose, that i need to sleep earlier tonight due to headache.
However, i made an appointment; to text you by midnight
So i wait.
But it seems pointless. I guess it's a no.
I'm not sure.

It's almost one now.
I'm obviously sick.
My eyes are puffy. My head almost fall.
My bed is calling.
And still, i keep on waiting.
No,you not going to respond me.
So i take it as a no/not okay.

this wasn't an april fool jokes.

i'm mad or i'm sad
but clearly i'm tired

off to LA to Rome.

see you~

To end this entry.
Kina Grannis - Ours to keep.

Kina Grannis such a sweetie, i love her.
Her music and she herself. I adore her.

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