Monday, April 25, 2011

Get worst.

Everything get worse, when each ppl want to show the right path.
When ppl who aren't in the case try to get themselves involve with case that are actually closed, things will get much much more ridicoulus.

Come on, case are closed. There's no need for more comment or advice anymore.
If you're not involve,keep yourself away. Why need to follow?
Case are done man, everybody is done. I've rest my case!
You're a way too late, and your name not even mention.
So shut the hell up.

Here,let me rest my case again..
I'm done with everything. Why did i unfriend?
Cause i let the drama stop. I want no drama.
We are all done. No more drama,no more movie.
If you see me as wrong, go on, i ain't no care!
But when that happened you know better, i ain't hypocrite.


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