Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ain't flawless

*Picture above is what i felt. I miss you! Lots.

Hi people, how ya doing?
Sorry for the lack of you expected
i have the same excuse; no idea. knock my head

LOL!! okay that's hilarious..

I have nothing to say though, just wasting my time here
as all my webs getting more and more boring each time

Anyway, tomorrow going to be a very long day, i guess
It's friday friday, gotta get down on friday..
NAAAAH...That's a joke!
What i'm trying to say is..morning class tomorrow!!!
and the later noon, leaving the city to the mountain
relax time i suppose..i don't want to be sooo excited first
cause there's still something not sure (always happened though)
not sinister,of course! okay whatever.

I'm extremely boring now.
Still, i want to cherish this awesome free time.
It's soooooooooooo relaxing ;)

this Or this


I'm lost now.

Let me just share piccies.

Moral of the pictures; We ain't flawless.

p/s: You going to see the same piccos on my facebook & tumblr. LOL

I guess, that's all for today babyy.

Annyong . Goodbye . Adios

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MishikoCath said...

whre r u going rina.?