Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you change you'll become a lamp.

People change and now i'm a LAMP.
Lol...this is so Ryan Higa!
wanna know who's Ryan? He's my bro, just google him ;)

So hello readers sweethearts ;)
How ya doing? It's been quite some time..

Nothing much happened to me recently
I just encountered some problems which made me lost my mood
But never mind, i still okay..
I'm happy that i have a very supportive peoples by my side.
Filled with Grateful.

Guys and girls..
anyone who's interested to come to an award dinner
send me an inbox msg on facebook. Offer until next week, tuesday.

I will be hosting the event with few other people.
So if you happen to attend this event, See you there ;)

I'm enjoying my chocolate stick in the coldness.
This is just so relaxing ;)
All i need is a fruit juice, oh well...

AND i would like to thank all my new followers ;)
Thank you so much for following.

So yeah i think that's all my craps for today.
See you soon.

Quote of the day :

Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it's a brighter day.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Who's the lady?

And that person is MOM.

I'm sorry that this birthday won't be the same as previous year
but remember i'll always be here for you, same as you'll be there for me..
We'll always together no matter what.
I love you mom.

Thanks for always be by my side when i need you.
You're the best thing ever happened to me.
I heart you so much mom.

Who's the man?

If i don't love my father,
i won't bother to save the picture above and waste my time on this post.
Clearly, i heart my father.

Who the heck, want to bother my family?? Go to hell!!
(my family means my father,mother and lil sister)

My family my story ;)

Get worst.

Everything get worse, when each ppl want to show the right path.
When ppl who aren't in the case try to get themselves involve with case that are actually closed, things will get much much more ridicoulus.

Come on, case are closed. There's no need for more comment or advice anymore.
If you're not involve,keep yourself away. Why need to follow?
Case are done man, everybody is done. I've rest my case!
You're a way too late, and your name not even mention.
So shut the hell up.

Here,let me rest my case again..
I'm done with everything. Why did i unfriend?
Cause i let the drama stop. I want no drama.
We are all done. No more drama,no more movie.
If you see me as wrong, go on, i ain't no care!
But when that happened you know better, i ain't hypocrite.


Friday, April 22, 2011

save the world and love mom

Click image to enlarge ;)
See how wonderful that picture of google.
In conjunction with Earth Day on April 22 2011

So everyone lets take an action and save the world.
A little action means a lot.

Things wouldn't be the same again. It takes nineteen years to create who i am today. I don't rely on anyone except for my mom.

I love my mom more than anything. No one else but mom. My priority goes to my mom.

Much love

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hollywood And Hairstyles

Who's the fairest of them all ?

First Category: Perm or straight hair

Taylor Swift.

Vanessa Hudgens

Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato

Second Category: Loose Bun

Taylor Swift

Vanessa Hudgens

Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato & Paris Hilton

* I like Taylor Swift with straight hair, she's just pretty!!!

* A little teaser for upcoming red carpet moment. Lmao!!!!

Stay tuned!

Hidden Tears

You're that type of person who; don't know what you've got until it's gone. Or maybe you knew what you had, you just though you'd never lose it?

I'm here now, i care when nobody else give a fuck. But when will you ever realize that? When will you see me the way i see you?

Will you realize while i'm here? Or when i'm already gone?

Will i able to get what i suppose to get?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Teaser ~

*Wish you're here someday, we will travel the world together.*

Here to bring you, my journey to my new home ;)
A little piccos teaser.. Enjoy my new love~

Pay a visit when you're here ^^

Like kiddies? But i'm in love ^^
At least for me, just on my own.

That's all bye bye ~

Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi girls and guys!
Just back from my lousy college
Had a very bad mood due to some stupid ppl.

Ok let me share what happened . .

As had been told yesterday,today we going to meet one person from oversea university whom will run her thesis on us. After she arrived we all went to the conference room and she began her thesis. As we all know THESIS is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings.
The thesis is about Malaysian Youth. It was about the life of youth and to be more accurate, this thesis emphasize on youth current issues for example; personal life, education, family, friend, relationship, sex and etc etc.

What is my point?
What makes me so mad?

My point is . .
Please highlight the common word, sex. Yes, that's it.
I know Asian people was very sensitive to this word.
However, we need open our mind widely and look around us.
Watch and hear all the issues out there, which involves sex.
There are too many issues regarding this matter.
So why should we still ashamed to talk about it in public?
Knowledge lets us learn.

What makes me so mad is . .
I was so unlucky to be sitting next to an idiot.
I sat next to this guy who is a year younger than me.
Thesis should be something private and confidential.
Our identity are confidential and same goes to our answer.
However, this guy who sit next to me was so damn loud
He read the question out loud and laugh to himself.
Not only that, he keeps on looking my paper and the other girl next to him.
He keep nagging to himself and let others hear, as an example:

why did this question ask so much about sex?

2. this is a way too personal, why do they need to ask about this?
3. they ask where i live?, this is a kindergarden question.
4. i never do sex with girls, i only did with soap, does that count?
5. what did you answer for this and that question?
6. hey, how do you answer this?
7. oh no, this is too much, hahaha...
8. hey miss this person next to me need your help, haaha
9. hahaaha why there is question like this?
10. oh how am i going to answer all this question?

See..i can list what he said and it's even more than that.
I felt like going to punch his face and kick him out of the conference room.
I kept on asking him to silent and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
But he keep on nagging loudly..Errrghh..
I almost smack his face and shout . . :

We all know the thesis is confidential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So why would you afraid of you answer??
Simply answer whatever you think is right for you.
Thesis is to review, more like experiment.
No one interested with your answer though. Everybody has their own.
Damn this stupid idiot guy. Asshole!

He actually wants to be a cool and famous guy.
Some how, he turns out to be an idiot and empty head!
He had showed everyone that he is actually damn stupid, and even more.
Hey idiot, go and lick your own dick!!

Come on, guys and girls. Don't act like this.
If you want to be cool or hot people. Use your mind too.
Be smart/intelligent and then be cool/hot.
Not an empty head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is fucking shits.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


It hurts pretty badly and yet you still linger in me

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

singing my care away

Hi girls and you doing?
hopefully everyone doing awesome~

first of all, i want to say sorry
if there's any of my pictures goes 'idiot'
something goes wrong, my piccos here, it didn't appear
and i have no idea what had happened :/

anyway . .

i have no new story,LOL!!!!!!!!

oh yeah to all facebook-ers
i'm sorry that i've been extremely inactive there
i'm too bored..i was kinda no longer have the mood..
but you still can leave me a comment/message
i'll still reply on you, make it sound like a question ;)
*actually i did checked on my facebook everyday!
i just dont comment (lazy perhaps?)

however,i'm extremely active on twitter,lol
not that extreme,just.....more tweet/post
so if anyone of you have can tweet me though

all of you can link to my facebook..twitter..or whatever
here in my blog...just click on the link provided ;)

ohh..last week went to somewhere cold and relax
felt relief that it was only us (my little family)
i'll share more piccos later
(probably cause i'm too lazy,but i have the heart to show off)
LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh hoh..this morning accidentally/all of sudden
met few old friends from school and works
damn! this is super cool!!

first met the bad boy who is now the lengzhai, near the staircase, lol
was chit chat-ing with mabel, saw these two lengzhai so damn familiar
and suddenly one of them bothered me and asked:
ni jiao shen ma ming zi? zzzzzz...replied my name
he introduce himself..and i was like WTF!!!
no wonder look so damn familiar to my eyes..
seriously they doesn't look like before! leng!!

and the other friends i accidentally met
was just simply met up like; omg! it's been a long time..
well,girlsssss talk..what else..bla bla bla..
and one of them said, i'm thin already!! yay~
clap clap.. my control on eating goes pretty well,i suppose
although sometimes i just eat whatever with (big amount) =.=
especially when it is super duper yummy~~~

after that went down to photocopy some stuff
to my surprise..the photocopy shop owner
had a really super cute and lazy dog,,white in colour
aww,it's fur was so long and hard to see the eyes
i want to cuddle that damn cute dog!!

Today's post much more like today's diary..hmmmp..
I think that's all my craps for today.
i'll come back with more craps some other day
see you ;)

You were in my dream again. I miss you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ain't flawless

*Picture above is what i felt. I miss you! Lots.

Hi people, how ya doing?
Sorry for the lack of you expected
i have the same excuse; no idea. knock my head

LOL!! okay that's hilarious..

I have nothing to say though, just wasting my time here
as all my webs getting more and more boring each time

Anyway, tomorrow going to be a very long day, i guess
It's friday friday, gotta get down on friday..
NAAAAH...That's a joke!
What i'm trying to say is..morning class tomorrow!!!
and the later noon, leaving the city to the mountain
relax time i suppose..i don't want to be sooo excited first
cause there's still something not sure (always happened though)
not sinister,of course! okay whatever.

I'm extremely boring now.
Still, i want to cherish this awesome free time.
It's soooooooooooo relaxing ;)

this Or this


I'm lost now.

Let me just share piccies.

Moral of the pictures; We ain't flawless.

p/s: You going to see the same piccos on my facebook & tumblr. LOL

I guess, that's all for today babyy.

Annyong . Goodbye . Adios

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ours to keep.

April Fool?
NO!! April not fool, people are!

I'm not sure whether i got fooled or just been ignored.
I couldn't grab an attention or my message wasn't arrive.
I need a confirmation, telling me that it's okay or not.
I've been waiting for hours now.
I said it will be by midnight. But it had past midnight.
Still, i didn't encounter a respond.
I suppose, that i need to sleep earlier tonight due to headache.
However, i made an appointment; to text you by midnight
So i wait.
But it seems pointless. I guess it's a no.
I'm not sure.

It's almost one now.
I'm obviously sick.
My eyes are puffy. My head almost fall.
My bed is calling.
And still, i keep on waiting.
No,you not going to respond me.
So i take it as a no/not okay.

this wasn't an april fool jokes.

i'm mad or i'm sad
but clearly i'm tired

off to LA to Rome.

see you~

To end this entry.
Kina Grannis - Ours to keep.

Kina Grannis such a sweetie, i love her.
Her music and she herself. I adore her.