Friday, March 18, 2011


Hello readers,
i have no picture to show off, i'm using my dad's laptop now
so the loading sign, probably will stay there, LOL!!

These few days, i have a mixture of feelings
i guess, if my feelings are flour, i can now bake two cakes!!

Yes last few days, i have a very bad feelings over something
i have no idea about it cause i decided to keep it private.
Thanks to my best friend, Cath for listening and bear with my words
and she's there to help and advice me, of all the shits i had.

Anyway, these few days too...
as i'm going to start studying 'again'
i mean for the LAST semester of foundation studies
my spirit of freedom is flying up high, rofl!!
NO! that's too hyperbola.
Back to the study things..
so yeah, this entry was talking about dreams..?uh? ;/

As i will be finish my study by mmm..June/July
(i'm not sure either,lol)
So i'm now started to think about . . .
'Where i'm going next?' ;)

To readers,whom in the same college as me, you probably say..
''where else do you want to go? just here,of course!''
''you'll stay in this college for 2 years and a year at the main branch''

And i can hear my parent voice as well..
''what do you mean by >where i'm going next< are you kidding me?''
''you're not going anywhere!!''

Yes that's so obvious. I'm not even finish my words,man.

So i came up with a plan.
that plan was still in progress..
Just open it up, to few people, who won't say my plan is ridiculous.
Yeah, i think it's a little ridiculous too
BUT HEY!! when there's a word saying..
none dreams are silly and nothing is ever impossible
i need to believe on it..and LUCK of course.
i do hope this time, i can make it
cause i failed to make it come true a year ago.

Pray for me.

*Cause when i say i'm going to **** i'm not kidding.

I need your support ;)

What?? Excuse me!!
I'm not into a singing/acting or any sorts of competition ok.
But even if i'm into it, what the big deal? ;)
However, for now it wasn't.

Anyway, i have so many things to consider.
Wish me luck.

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