Saturday, March 26, 2011

Relax mode~

Oh hello great people ;)
How you doing ?

It's Saturday, peaceful and 'stay home'
I woke up late aaahh what a great feeling
took my breakfast at lunch time and my lunch few hours later,lol..
Soon later, some Haagen Dazs cookie ice cream
while read a magazine on my bed, with catchy song played in my phone
What a relax saturday, although it was kinda boring but
i'm going to cherish this relaxing time while i have it ^^

Have you watch Beastly?
What do you think? Romance?
I've watched AND I love this movie,man!
Love is never ugly.
Most importantly, never look down on others.
Each people comes with different appearance and trait.
We gotta respect that. Accept people for their traits not looks.
◕ ‿ ◕

Oh ya, went to see my hairstylist yesterday
to cut my hair, of course.
Don't be curious about my hair first cause
i just went to get my fringe back and trim my hair, only!
thanks to my hairstylist for making my fringe thicker ;)
So we chit chat-ing about healthy lifestyle!
Yes my hairstylist named, Jayson was a kind of person who
wants everything to be perfect when it comes to health.
Not only for outside beauty but also inner beauty..
He has a very fair skin, do you know!!!!
He used this organic product, Mililea.
You can search about this product and if you interested
can find me..i'll then connect you to Jayson ;)
*bwahaha i'm selling product..well, i'm just helping friend though..

I'm not a Glee fans but this is a Thumbs Up!
I like how this song ,teenage dream original by katy perry
become harmony by them. Great yeah?!

So yeah, i think that's all for now..
I have no more craps to share with, anymore

I'll see you soon. Bye.

Picture of September 2010 ;)



MishikoCath said...

rina wat product r u selling?

Rina said...

Hi cath,it's my friend who sell it
It's an Organic product called, MILILEA. very nice one.

you can search on it and tell me if interested ;) call or text yea!