Monday, March 7, 2011

out of time?!

Annyong dearest people, i'm sorry for the lack of update.
I've been very stress these days, and my emotion doesn't stay in place.
I didn't online much and i currently lost my mood, for some reason.
I'm actually tired of being tired of myself.
My tears a dried but somehow, it won't stop.
Let it slide away here or where ever it is.
I'm not in the mood to talk about me now.
At least for this post, i mean for my entire blog,
lets pretending that everything is alright eventhough it is not.
People, friends, and who ever you are please remember..
Smile is not always a sign of happiness, smile is just a mask to cover up the pain.

Have you ever watched The Time Traveler's Wife?
It's nice movie, wasn't it? I like it very much.
I couldn't get bored, watching it over and over again and still got touched.
It is a love story about a man with a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel unpredictably, and about his wife, an artist, who has to cope with his frequent absences and dangerous experiences.
It is actually based on a novel. The story was quite complicated to understand.
If you watch it, give your full attention, and you'll find it awesome.
Those whom haven't watch this,
find the movie and watch or find the novel and read it.
After watching and understand the story then later,
you will understand what i'm actually babbling here XD

Left: Picture for novel. Right: Picture for movie.

What else? Should i say about my pathetic life?
You bored, aren't you? Sorry readers.
That's just the fact. That's what actually happened now.

I want to go to kl a moment =,=
i want to meet my friendsss there, quite miss them.
Irony, i miss my kk friendss too,
but all of us doesn't seems have a perfect free time all together
sigh huh?!! kick an ass!!!!!!

Okay, lets take some time to think with me.
When someone/you say 'i have no idea what to talk about'
what actually is it mean???
nope! this wasn't silly question..
there's few things came out in my mind..
ONE. honestly you really don't have a word to talk about.
TWO. you pissed off, and done booo, lazy to talk cock.
THREE. damn it, this person again? no way?! no talk, stfu!!
am i right???????? haa..
conclusions? no conclusion!!
think yourself cause each people come up with different reason.
AND they probably has more than just three reason above!!!

Little piccie seupaem

with dongsaeng Lea

with Cath

eyes crack! krak krak..

*i'm tired getting the same excuses each time*



Yann said...

ahh Time Traveler's Wife, it sounds so nice eh? Im so going to download it!!! :p

Rina said...

Yann!! yup it's really nice..
fast go download now~