Thursday, March 17, 2011

My face is sushi??

Hello readers..

Today i went out and something felt so not right.
I walk into a mall, and people started staring..
there's a little voice saying:

''duh what's this japanese doing here when she's supposed to be in her country?''
''gosh! is she japanese? why does she walking around with a happy face here?''
''aren't she supposed to be mourning for her country?''
''omg! omg! japanese!! she's running to our country,lol!!''

Seriously guys??? What's the big deal??

When Japan was on the top, people are saying:
''Great,i'm going to Japan!''
''Japan is a good country. They're modern, awesome bla bla bla..

when Japan having their hard days:
'' Serve your right,who ask you to be so modern?''

Come on people!! What is this??
We got to change this kind of attitude/mind thinking
Lets help each other and stop complaining.
Who knows,what will happen to us next,right?

*By the way, i'm not even Japanese.
So stop staring and complaint on me!!

Lets donate for Japan together with my
awesome friend, Ryan Higa ;)

Other than that..
i've spent some time with the awesome bro(s)
and it finally bring us to check on the olden videos
made by them throughout the yearsss
so here's some great videos for you to laugh your ass out!
LOL!! . . . . Enjoy~

You mean Bromance?? rofl!!
Kpop lovers you need to see this!!
Cause i just saw a familiar face.
Well, i mean it..i just saw Jay Park ;)

This was a nice songs of them,teehee!! lol!!
Guys? Shed a tear??
No jokes!! ;)

Quote of the day:
''Because tomorrow,what you've done today, will be yesterday''

So i think that's all for now.


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