Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a glimpse of hope

Mr Domo, say HI to you, my readers ^^
Welcome to March, world!!
February past like a wind..Damn fast!

So huh.. in middle of March, probably the first two weeks
will be back to college for the third semester..
wohoo!!! i'm on my final semester for the foundation!! booh-yahh!!
faster finish foundation!! ^^ after that can rest a while
before continue for another three years of degree..boooo!!

as you can see, my blog own a nuffnang now
that feeling of wanting a money thru blogging really babo
LOL!!! i still didn't earn anything (=...........=)

OMG! seriously i've lost my idea..
while stay home all day and having a piggy life
and even if i have my class start again..
i really really really really lack of idea now!
my head no longer produce a good idea to blog..wtf!

oh ya~ one more thing..
Have u ever feel so dissappointed with someone so much, you can't even fee
how much it hurt any more?

yes, i mean it.
it's NOT anger, not at all!!
it's a feeling where by, i'm feeling sympathy for myself
it wasn't really dissappointed,perhaps
it's maybe the old sadness, that never away
the sadness that was kept inside and never bleach
Sigh huh?
난 항상 슬픔이야 . .

no more idea (>.........<)

Enjoy your meals.


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