Monday, March 28, 2011

New man in the list !

He's awesome! He's music was indeed great.
That hot looks was a bonus++
Gaaaah!!! i'm in love with this hottie.

His music are better than those on charts ^o^

Need i say more??

You wanna hear his music??
You ask me!! hahaha.. know him? good then ;)
i don't need to explain more..

what? don't know?
as i told you..ask me!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011


At 8:30 PM on Saturday 26th March 2011, lights will switch off around the globe for Earth Hour and people will commit to actions that go beyond the hour.

With Earth Hour almost upon us, our thoughts are with the people of Japan during this incredibly challenging and sad time for their country.

Together, Let's support earth hour for a better world.

For more information log on to

*pictures are taken from google images,credit goes to owner.

Relax mode~

Oh hello great people ;)
How you doing ?

It's Saturday, peaceful and 'stay home'
I woke up late aaahh what a great feeling
took my breakfast at lunch time and my lunch few hours later,lol..
Soon later, some Haagen Dazs cookie ice cream
while read a magazine on my bed, with catchy song played in my phone
What a relax saturday, although it was kinda boring but
i'm going to cherish this relaxing time while i have it ^^

Have you watch Beastly?
What do you think? Romance?
I've watched AND I love this movie,man!
Love is never ugly.
Most importantly, never look down on others.
Each people comes with different appearance and trait.
We gotta respect that. Accept people for their traits not looks.
◕ ‿ ◕

Oh ya, went to see my hairstylist yesterday
to cut my hair, of course.
Don't be curious about my hair first cause
i just went to get my fringe back and trim my hair, only!
thanks to my hairstylist for making my fringe thicker ;)
So we chit chat-ing about healthy lifestyle!
Yes my hairstylist named, Jayson was a kind of person who
wants everything to be perfect when it comes to health.
Not only for outside beauty but also inner beauty..
He has a very fair skin, do you know!!!!
He used this organic product, Mililea.
You can search about this product and if you interested
can find me..i'll then connect you to Jayson ;)
*bwahaha i'm selling product..well, i'm just helping friend though..

I'm not a Glee fans but this is a Thumbs Up!
I like how this song ,teenage dream original by katy perry
become harmony by them. Great yeah?!

So yeah, i think that's all for now..
I have no more craps to share with, anymore

I'll see you soon. Bye.

Picture of September 2010 ;)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

A day wasted on others is not wasted on one's self.

Hi guys, how you doing?

I've started my class already,so i'll get busy once again
I'm quite relieved knowing that i only have five subjects.
Somehow, five wasn't a real relieved cause it wasn't an easy subject.
This is my last semester, therefore i need to put more effort
i need to maintain my grades since the first till now.
I must study and focus on my subject.

Plus, the dream that i'm about to chase now.
It was indeed hard for me. I can't stop thinking about it.
There's no one to help me with it, i have to manage everything on my own.
I almost given up, but let me try it first!! I can't given up before trying.
All i need now, is my own effort, your support, luck and prayer.
God Bless. God Willing.

Dilemma. Yes i am.
I have loads in my mind. I think a lot lately.
I think about me, my family, and him.

If i'm moving soon, i'll be leaving everything behind.
Having a new lifestyle with new environment and new people
I won't be back home often. I'll miss everything behind.
I'll spend four years or more without the people i love by my side.
Things that goes into my mind was, changes.
Am i ready for it?
There place i'm going is a way too different from now.
Time flies and people change.
We often don't realize but once we're far away we can feel it.
If i did change, i want to change for good.
I'm scared that i lost my way, No i don't want that to happen.
I'm the first daughter, i want to be a good example to my sister
I want to make my parent smile widely and make them proud.
I can't never pay them for raising me until now.
All i can do is succeed in my study and have a good life.
Therefore, i can provide them with a better life in the future.
I love them so much. I never apart from them.
I wish that i will always remember them and think of them.
I won't do anything to humiliate or make them sad.

Other than that, i also will leave him.
I know, we are no longer together, but i can't lie my feeling.
I did still love him.
Leaving might make me forget my feeling towards him.
But i'll miss him more, actually.
Someone told me and i knew it too :
If there's destiny, no matter how far each of you,
you'll be together in the end.
I guess, i need to believe on the quote so much.
Maybe, God try to tell me that, it wasn't my time to
think about these love love things.
I given up.

Okay,lets change the mood a little.
Last few days went to friend/junior farewell.
I'm actually wanted to post this the past few days.
Waiting for her to mail the photos for my blog.
Unfortunately, she's too busy as she will be leaving for KL
so she haven't mail me yet,somehow she did sent me a few.
She departed this evening. So as an eldest friend/sister i wish her
the best of luck in studying, don't just stalking on boys.
Bye Amanda, i'll see you soon ;)

Not to forget, the man who has his birthday twice,lol!
Happy Birthday Kahoe
Best wishes and take a good care of yourself
Happy Nineteen and be great man!

I'm so into Kevin and Ryan.
They're the best bro ever,Lmao!!

Little piccie seupeam :

That's Amanda

That's Lea

*I'm always on the left,lol!

Quotes of the day:

I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.

The words "I am" are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.

I guess, i'm done with my crap now.
I'll see you guys again in next post.


Friday, March 18, 2011


Hello readers,
i have no picture to show off, i'm using my dad's laptop now
so the loading sign, probably will stay there, LOL!!

These few days, i have a mixture of feelings
i guess, if my feelings are flour, i can now bake two cakes!!

Yes last few days, i have a very bad feelings over something
i have no idea about it cause i decided to keep it private.
Thanks to my best friend, Cath for listening and bear with my words
and she's there to help and advice me, of all the shits i had.

Anyway, these few days too...
as i'm going to start studying 'again'
i mean for the LAST semester of foundation studies
my spirit of freedom is flying up high, rofl!!
NO! that's too hyperbola.
Back to the study things..
so yeah, this entry was talking about dreams..?uh? ;/

As i will be finish my study by mmm..June/July
(i'm not sure either,lol)
So i'm now started to think about . . .
'Where i'm going next?' ;)

To readers,whom in the same college as me, you probably say..
''where else do you want to go? just here,of course!''
''you'll stay in this college for 2 years and a year at the main branch''

And i can hear my parent voice as well..
''what do you mean by >where i'm going next< are you kidding me?''
''you're not going anywhere!!''

Yes that's so obvious. I'm not even finish my words,man.

So i came up with a plan.
that plan was still in progress..
Just open it up, to few people, who won't say my plan is ridiculous.
Yeah, i think it's a little ridiculous too
BUT HEY!! when there's a word saying..
none dreams are silly and nothing is ever impossible
i need to believe on it..and LUCK of course.
i do hope this time, i can make it
cause i failed to make it come true a year ago.

Pray for me.

*Cause when i say i'm going to **** i'm not kidding.

I need your support ;)

What?? Excuse me!!
I'm not into a singing/acting or any sorts of competition ok.
But even if i'm into it, what the big deal? ;)
However, for now it wasn't.

Anyway, i have so many things to consider.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My face is sushi??

Hello readers..

Today i went out and something felt so not right.
I walk into a mall, and people started staring..
there's a little voice saying:

''duh what's this japanese doing here when she's supposed to be in her country?''
''gosh! is she japanese? why does she walking around with a happy face here?''
''aren't she supposed to be mourning for her country?''
''omg! omg! japanese!! she's running to our country,lol!!''

Seriously guys??? What's the big deal??

When Japan was on the top, people are saying:
''Great,i'm going to Japan!''
''Japan is a good country. They're modern, awesome bla bla bla..

when Japan having their hard days:
'' Serve your right,who ask you to be so modern?''

Come on people!! What is this??
We got to change this kind of attitude/mind thinking
Lets help each other and stop complaining.
Who knows,what will happen to us next,right?

*By the way, i'm not even Japanese.
So stop staring and complaint on me!!

Lets donate for Japan together with my
awesome friend, Ryan Higa ;)

Other than that..
i've spent some time with the awesome bro(s)
and it finally bring us to check on the olden videos
made by them throughout the yearsss
so here's some great videos for you to laugh your ass out!
LOL!! . . . . Enjoy~

You mean Bromance?? rofl!!
Kpop lovers you need to see this!!
Cause i just saw a familiar face.
Well, i mean it..i just saw Jay Park ;)

This was a nice songs of them,teehee!! lol!!
Guys? Shed a tear??
No jokes!! ;)

Quote of the day:
''Because tomorrow,what you've done today, will be yesterday''

So i think that's all for now.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello there..Good Evening
Good Dawn LA.

I don't have a good feeling now.
Seriously, i filled with regret.
Did i done something wrong/bad? No.
I just felt bitter. I was confused.
My head spin around. I wondered about myself.
I won't repeat the same thing ever again.
No, it wasn't bad thing. However, i regret with myself.
Why don't i against it? Why don't i avoid?
That bad sense, had came to reality.
Will i hurt others??
aaaarghhh..i'm tired of thinking..
can i just cry?? :'(
I'm sorry myself.
Please forgive me.

I don't know what is this feeling. It's fucking anxious.
I hate this feeling.

Pray that everything will be fine. 아멘.

Wait for three years or more, i'll come there. Leaving my sin.

kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :'(

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Unforgotten promise

Hello there ;)
As i gain readers, i must look forward for more better post,right?
Yeap, however..i still the blog directer hahaaaaa..
okay okay.. shut the fuck up!

I should laugh my ass out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huhaa..

I got a call from someone far away,
(i'd rather say someone i used to know)
I'm totally confused, i don't know what should i feel

사랑이 뭐길래?

life full of surprises indeed
when i'm almost forgot and when i'm fall far down
i found the lost you in sudden,
It's surprising how much of memory is built around things unnoticed at the time
thanks for having a thought on me, all this time.
i'm looking forward to meet you again someday.
we'll wait for the day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

vanilla love

Hello awesome readers..
Unlike others, i'm not going to talk/write about the tsunami
it's freaking me out!! really!!
and i don't want to talk about things that i scared..
lets just pray that everything will be alright
if it's going to happen, it will happen, God knows what he's doing.
God willing.

Rango! So what you think? March must watch!!
Another voice by Johnny Depp.
I haven't watch yet, actually.

Seriously, i'm feeling pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't access to twitter web for six days, now.
That lc haven't confirm yet and being too lc!
Everything sucks >..<
Every time, open twitter it ends up with..
"Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to"
blaaaaaaaaah..what happened??????
It's just me?? T_______T


He's HOT!!! Doesn't he??

♥ ________♥

NO.. I dislike him!!!!!!!

*finger cross*

So to that hottie in California, take a good of yourself! Lc!!!
I dislike you, okay!!!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

out of time?!

Annyong dearest people, i'm sorry for the lack of update.
I've been very stress these days, and my emotion doesn't stay in place.
I didn't online much and i currently lost my mood, for some reason.
I'm actually tired of being tired of myself.
My tears a dried but somehow, it won't stop.
Let it slide away here or where ever it is.
I'm not in the mood to talk about me now.
At least for this post, i mean for my entire blog,
lets pretending that everything is alright eventhough it is not.
People, friends, and who ever you are please remember..
Smile is not always a sign of happiness, smile is just a mask to cover up the pain.

Have you ever watched The Time Traveler's Wife?
It's nice movie, wasn't it? I like it very much.
I couldn't get bored, watching it over and over again and still got touched.
It is a love story about a man with a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel unpredictably, and about his wife, an artist, who has to cope with his frequent absences and dangerous experiences.
It is actually based on a novel. The story was quite complicated to understand.
If you watch it, give your full attention, and you'll find it awesome.
Those whom haven't watch this,
find the movie and watch or find the novel and read it.
After watching and understand the story then later,
you will understand what i'm actually babbling here XD

Left: Picture for novel. Right: Picture for movie.

What else? Should i say about my pathetic life?
You bored, aren't you? Sorry readers.
That's just the fact. That's what actually happened now.

I want to go to kl a moment =,=
i want to meet my friendsss there, quite miss them.
Irony, i miss my kk friendss too,
but all of us doesn't seems have a perfect free time all together
sigh huh?!! kick an ass!!!!!!

Okay, lets take some time to think with me.
When someone/you say 'i have no idea what to talk about'
what actually is it mean???
nope! this wasn't silly question..
there's few things came out in my mind..
ONE. honestly you really don't have a word to talk about.
TWO. you pissed off, and done booo, lazy to talk cock.
THREE. damn it, this person again? no way?! no talk, stfu!!
am i right???????? haa..
conclusions? no conclusion!!
think yourself cause each people come up with different reason.
AND they probably has more than just three reason above!!!

Little piccie seupaem

with dongsaeng Lea

with Cath

eyes crack! krak krak..

*i'm tired getting the same excuses each time*


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a glimpse of hope

Mr Domo, say HI to you, my readers ^^
Welcome to March, world!!
February past like a wind..Damn fast!

So huh.. in middle of March, probably the first two weeks
will be back to college for the third semester..
wohoo!!! i'm on my final semester for the foundation!! booh-yahh!!
faster finish foundation!! ^^ after that can rest a while
before continue for another three years of degree..boooo!!

as you can see, my blog own a nuffnang now
that feeling of wanting a money thru blogging really babo
LOL!!! i still didn't earn anything (=...........=)

OMG! seriously i've lost my idea..
while stay home all day and having a piggy life
and even if i have my class start again..
i really really really really lack of idea now!
my head no longer produce a good idea to!

oh ya~ one more thing..
Have u ever feel so dissappointed with someone so much, you can't even fee
how much it hurt any more?

yes, i mean it.
it's NOT anger, not at all!!
it's a feeling where by, i'm feeling sympathy for myself
it wasn't really dissappointed,perhaps
it's maybe the old sadness, that never away
the sadness that was kept inside and never bleach
Sigh huh?
난 항상 슬픔이야 . .

no more idea (>.........<)

Enjoy your meals.