Monday, February 7, 2011

We got chance?

Second post in February~
Ngek ngok ngek ngok. . . .

It had been really boring without my laptop. I'm looking for a free time so i can bring it to the service center, but gosh! i have no idea where the service center is. It's super ironic how i kept telling my customer, where the service center and bla bla bla and etc etc about all the laptop brand while i was working. I'm great!! However, when it comes to my own laptop, or when i'm buying a new one, i become 89.01% blurred! WTF! I was shocked,perhaps. Cause my baby leave me =..=''

I've been missing him a lot lately
(okay! if you're my true follower it's not lately but ALWAYS!) =........=
That feeling of wanting to meet him is 100000000% ++++
Ngek ngek.. That Mr Bongo!

No Idea!

Added more later.

I lost my idea when i smell foods~


Azwan Shah said...

ksian laptop kw ar...hehe

Rina said...

ya la..laptop yg kesian ;p