Sunday, February 13, 2011

Silent Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day~
to all, whoever on this world..
i have nothing to say about the day, just another day
no flowers, no chocolate, no movies, no hangout
most importantly no lover.. silently~
i might have valentine's wishlist/to-do-list
but i guess, it wasn't the time yet..
there's nobody to share the day with
except for my all time lover, Mashimaro

other than that, statistic is awaiting..
valentine's day = statistic exam day = fml!!
counting days for monday and wednesday
and reading days on friday, so omg!

lets end this post here..
calculator waiting for me
hopefully, my final days of exam will goes smoothly ;')

Annyong . Goodbye . Adios


Azwan Shah said...

wah....mcm kcewa2 ja c rina bha haha relax la rina...lover yg trbaik dtng jga tu...

Rina said...

thnx loy ;)