Saturday, February 19, 2011


hello readers, the blog director is here XD

while having a bowl of ramyeon and a bottle of orange
let us continue, the dull and lame story of mine,recently~

okay so, hmmp ok mmm err err .. Zzz..

baby laptop had returned! yay~
now i can online in my bedroom,don't need to clear the history
bookmark whatever i want, download till the web stuck
and most important, i have my foldersss in my laptop
dont need to connect on my external hardisk anymore!
oh yeah~

i'm done with final exam,wuhuu!!
i'm free, i'm on holiday moooood..gadabang~~
i'm thinking to > working part time..
but where should i work?
i have friend at a coffee shop, should i apply there?
BUT, what can i do? coffee? err..for myself yes 100% can
however, for customer, ngek..i dont think so..Whatever!

OR maybe i should stay home and learn hangul back..
i used to be good on hangul, i can read well i just cant speak it out
time flies and i dont know how long have i left hangul, since i left hanguk?
now, i can't even recognize a simple words of hangul
i even forgot to write my name in hangul OMG! OMG!
it's too pathetic~

oh yeah, i'm too crazy with cute things
i've been really crazy with it for so loooong, omma!! i love it should i explain????? dong dong..
non other, piccie seupaem~

how? how? cute isn't it???
goodness,i can't stand just watching them from far..
wanna hold it >..<

And and and a bouquet of plushy dolls
MASHIMARO, piggy piggy, hello kitty, sleeping bunny,
teddy bears and more more.. i want it!! >..<

not to forget, fresh flowers . .

And never forget Bento,cute meals ever!
i love bento,i like making foods pretty
in future, must make bento for my kids ^o^

Nice, is it???
I think it's super duper nice nice ^^

Today's post very kiddies..
but but i love em' i want having cute thing in my blog ^__^

i forgot everything else that i want to write
while busy looking for piccie
never mind, i just need to eat more
vitamin B for my memory and vitamin C for my skins =..="

to end the post, lets take a look at Oh la la . .




Yann said...

rina!!! hamsup ahhh! keep stalking at half naked man!! :D

Rina said...
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Rina said...

LMAO!!!!! very nice ><
all of them damn hot ;p