Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Been Left

Do you ever feel awful out of something?
something which is, you don't know or maybe you confused about
feeling so down, unnoticed, confusing, feels like want to smack a face/butt
i just don't get it myself..
i'm awake with thought, well everybody does..
just, today wasn't my day, i think since the night before
i'm full of anxiety, a little bit of scare, a sprinkle of used
you see, it's perfectly lame, i'm about to see the road
and suddenly there's a two junction again, what's that?
all this time i've been waiting for something that not clear enough
i've share, i've sacrifice, a lot of things over things i can't get
oh well, am i so sure i can't get it? i won't say it at the first place!
i just find myself, given up today but still fighting the next day
which was means, i just can't stop or maybe i won't or i don't want?
that person whom left me a scar, is something.
i can't hate him nor forgot him, he still have the keys.
"sometimes i don't see us together, but most of the time i see us"
"sometimes i see us together, but most of the time i don't see us"
i can't live a day perfectly without his words
it's almost a year now, i'm sad i can't have the first anniversary
i miss the moment we spend together..
i still remember those time when i cries a lot, i'm feeling blue.

To be exact, i never happy since he left.


Laurina Liew said...

i know how u feel darl.. we r in e same boat.. :(

Rina said...

yup very very very very sad oh darl :'(