Sunday, February 27, 2011

fries and cola

휴~ 휴~
so fast,it's already end of February =,=''
day after tomorrow is already March 1st
ommo! after that, seventeen more days..
sigh.. sigh.. a year ago was a very happy happy :(
on that specific date, now no more~

it feels like a blink..
it seems i just finish my school, work and study again
oh my.. it's no longer a long way to go..oh well...

i did a few minutes/few hours of thinking last night
that someone asked, what are you thinking about?
i told him honestly but it's quite hard to explain, but i've try my best ;')

lack of idea!! dang..dang..
therefore, here's a quote and little piccie seupaem~

Quote :
I can't promise to fix all your problems,
but I can promise you that you won't have to face them all alone.

Piccie Seupaem :

amigos adios ~

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mood Down

Sometimes, I get so angry or upset that something inside me just shuts down and I become so numb; I don't talk to anyone or pay attention to what people talk about, just stare and look at the people around me. At that point, I don't care. I dwell on my own thoughts, thinking so much to the point of me driving me insane. One day, when it becomes too much, maybe I will be mental. That kind of feeling, makes me want to lie and sleep it off, but it never does work. I would just lie awake, thinking until my own exhaustion would consume me and I go into a deep slumber.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Been Left

Do you ever feel awful out of something?
something which is, you don't know or maybe you confused about
feeling so down, unnoticed, confusing, feels like want to smack a face/butt
i just don't get it myself..
i'm awake with thought, well everybody does..
just, today wasn't my day, i think since the night before
i'm full of anxiety, a little bit of scare, a sprinkle of used
you see, it's perfectly lame, i'm about to see the road
and suddenly there's a two junction again, what's that?
all this time i've been waiting for something that not clear enough
i've share, i've sacrifice, a lot of things over things i can't get
oh well, am i so sure i can't get it? i won't say it at the first place!
i just find myself, given up today but still fighting the next day
which was means, i just can't stop or maybe i won't or i don't want?
that person whom left me a scar, is something.
i can't hate him nor forgot him, he still have the keys.
"sometimes i don't see us together, but most of the time i see us"
"sometimes i see us together, but most of the time i don't see us"
i can't live a day perfectly without his words
it's almost a year now, i'm sad i can't have the first anniversary
i miss the moment we spend together..
i still remember those time when i cries a lot, i'm feeling blue.

To be exact, i never happy since he left.

Monday, February 21, 2011

나의 방문

오늘 나는 그의 집에 왔어요
그 느낌을 표현하는 방법을 모르겠어요
분명히 말하지만 내가 만날 크크크 오전

전에 밤 당신을 만나서, 내가 뭔가를 느꼈다
난 그게 뭔지 모르겠어요..
오늘, 오늘은 당신의 장소에 와서
난 너무 안심 느낌
그것은 우리가 만날 않았 오랜 시간이되었습니다
내가 너무 그리워~

내가 당신을 보여,
그리고 자신에게 약속을하다
내가 당신 앞에 행복해야합니다
난 그래도 여전히 과거의 슬픈
하지만 행복한 오늘 당신에게 만들고 싶어

나는 웃음과 미소처럼 그것은 아무것도 아니에요
난 벌써 다 잊은 것 같은

당신이 뭔가에 대해 나한테 물어 ..
난 그 질문을 이해하지 척
내 마음은 쓰라린 때문이지 난 모르겠어

다시 묻지 않은
이런 종류의 질문에 정말 날 다치게

당신이 날 행복하게 해줘 시계
가끔은 슬픈거야 너무
당신은 내 전부예요
하지만 당신은 그걸 몰라

Sunday, February 20, 2011

내 심장은 쓰라린입니다!

정말 남자와 피곤 해요
그들이 누구예요?
그들이 내 삶에 와서 동정심없이 ..
내 말을해야할지 모르겠어요
내가 너무나 사랑..나중에, 그들은 왼쪽으로
내 슬픔을 걱정하지 않고
처음에는, 그들은 내 이유가 행복 해 지길 아르
지금, 그들은 내 이유는 울기 아르
오랜 시간 뒤에 . .
내게 너무 많은 상처 후 , 날 무시 후
그들이 돌아올 아르
그들이 다시 나를 원해!

이 시간에 . . .
난 너무 싸구려 느낌
그들이 누구예요?
절대 내 감정을 걱정

난 장난감이 아니에요!
당신이 생각한다면, 내 마음 담배와 동일
그냥 가서 돌아오지 않는다고
난 당신이 떠났을 때 충분히 상처예요
그리고 지금 당신이 여기있는, 내 사랑을 구걸?

정말 피곤 해요
나는 내 옛 그림자를 볼 수 없어
난 이제 더이상 당신을 사랑한다는 어리석은 여자가 안 보여
난 그냥 내 마음이 또 고장했다 , 다른 남자와
당신이 내 역사 아르!! 우리의 이야기는 2 년 전
이년 통과!!!!!!!!!

당신은 지금 새 연인이
당신이 말한 당신은 그녀를 사랑, 귀하의 새 연인으로 이동
내 심장은 쓰라린입니다!
내가 당신을 원하지 않아!!
친구로 날 보러!


날 존경주세요! 내 감정을 존중하세요!
얘들아, 날 아프게 제발 그만..
얘들아, 당신은 날 사랑하지 못하면,
내게 당신의 사랑을 제공하지 않습니다
난 더이상 슬픔을 참을 수 없다나를 행복하게 해주시기 바랍니다
성실한 나를 사랑하시기 바랍니다

휴, 피곤~

사랑으로 가슴에

Saturday, February 19, 2011


hello readers, the blog director is here XD

while having a bowl of ramyeon and a bottle of orange
let us continue, the dull and lame story of mine,recently~

okay so, hmmp ok mmm err err .. Zzz..

baby laptop had returned! yay~
now i can online in my bedroom,don't need to clear the history
bookmark whatever i want, download till the web stuck
and most important, i have my foldersss in my laptop
dont need to connect on my external hardisk anymore!
oh yeah~

i'm done with final exam,wuhuu!!
i'm free, i'm on holiday moooood..gadabang~~
i'm thinking to > working part time..
but where should i work?
i have friend at a coffee shop, should i apply there?
BUT, what can i do? coffee? err..for myself yes 100% can
however, for customer, ngek..i dont think so..Whatever!

OR maybe i should stay home and learn hangul back..
i used to be good on hangul, i can read well i just cant speak it out
time flies and i dont know how long have i left hangul, since i left hanguk?
now, i can't even recognize a simple words of hangul
i even forgot to write my name in hangul OMG! OMG!
it's too pathetic~

oh yeah, i'm too crazy with cute things
i've been really crazy with it for so loooong, omma!! i love it should i explain????? dong dong..
non other, piccie seupaem~

how? how? cute isn't it???
goodness,i can't stand just watching them from far..
wanna hold it >..<

And and and a bouquet of plushy dolls
MASHIMARO, piggy piggy, hello kitty, sleeping bunny,
teddy bears and more more.. i want it!! >..<

not to forget, fresh flowers . .

And never forget Bento,cute meals ever!
i love bento,i like making foods pretty
in future, must make bento for my kids ^o^

Nice, is it???
I think it's super duper nice nice ^^

Today's post very kiddies..
but but i love em' i want having cute thing in my blog ^__^

i forgot everything else that i want to write
while busy looking for piccie
never mind, i just need to eat more
vitamin B for my memory and vitamin C for my skins =..="

to end the post, lets take a look at Oh la la . .



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Silent Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day~
to all, whoever on this world..
i have nothing to say about the day, just another day
no flowers, no chocolate, no movies, no hangout
most importantly no lover.. silently~
i might have valentine's wishlist/to-do-list
but i guess, it wasn't the time yet..
there's nobody to share the day with
except for my all time lover, Mashimaro

other than that, statistic is awaiting..
valentine's day = statistic exam day = fml!!
counting days for monday and wednesday
and reading days on friday, so omg!

lets end this post here..
calculator waiting for me
hopefully, my final days of exam will goes smoothly ;')

Annyong . Goodbye . Adios

Monday, February 7, 2011

We got chance?

Second post in February~
Ngek ngok ngek ngok. . . .

It had been really boring without my laptop. I'm looking for a free time so i can bring it to the service center, but gosh! i have no idea where the service center is. It's super ironic how i kept telling my customer, where the service center and bla bla bla and etc etc about all the laptop brand while i was working. I'm great!! However, when it comes to my own laptop, or when i'm buying a new one, i become 89.01% blurred! WTF! I was shocked,perhaps. Cause my baby leave me =..=''

I've been missing him a lot lately
(okay! if you're my true follower it's not lately but ALWAYS!) =........=
That feeling of wanting to meet him is 100000000% ++++
Ngek ngek.. That Mr Bongo!

No Idea!

Added more later.

I lost my idea when i smell foods~

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The year of the Rabbit


Chinese Horoscope the Rabbit
The fourth animal who arrive was the cautious rabbit.

Chinese Astrology Horoscope

*click and read yours ^^

Happy Chinese New Year to all and best wishes.

새해 복 많이 ♥