Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Action . Words . Silence .

Good morning peeps..
So these few days,i always had dreams in my sleep even during my nap. perhaps i think a lots these few days.
Last night i got out of bound, was damn mad at that faker who keep bothered my life. I'm not sure whether she will stop after this,but i guess she wouldn't, argghh. My emotion state can be rated as ten per ten last night. Throwing my anger all around, and the only person with me that time was *He, and as expected i scolded him. It feels good last night when i can get the words out of my mouth, somehow it's another feeling this morning. Take this as lesson, think before react. I'm not regret neither do i felt guilty. I'm just doing my bussines, so just forgive me when i get over. I've think a lots about this actually,maybe i was too mad last night. Can't help myself.
~My last text message was left, it didn't encounter a reply. Sad.

Night came, let me continue. So last Jan 10 was the fifth months after we had walked away,next Jan 17 would be the tenth months together. I still kept the counting bars with me,somewhere. Whereas, only me can see it and counting. The pain that i hold on my own so let me keep it with me. So that no one knows my exception, expectation and feelings. The history, had left a scar. Sometimes, it's good to know somebody regret. Therefore, he can advice the present or the future. Based on experience, we learnt. Mistakes, taught us. Sometimes i regret, but most of the time,i don't. I'd rather thankful even if it's hurt enough. I'm a dreamer, everybody does. Hopefully, the time that God had given us to be apart was only for the time being,for us to appreciate each other more, to find the things we looking for, to understand the life of two, to stay within each other for afar so that we could create faithfulness,honesty and trust. Amen.

Winter breeze blow my hair, coldness approach my nerve. Snows fall down outside my window. As i watching the tree surrounded by the snow little by little, the more cold it feels. Snow fall slowly, i went downstair,put on my boots and snow cap. I'm ready to make my snowman and an angel on the ground. It's too cold so i get back inside the house, went to the kitchen and took two pieces of ginger bread along with a hot chocolate. Delicioso!! It's perfect. Still, i can't get rid of you. When i had the most perfect time, that's when i miss you the most. Por favor regrese!!

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