Monday, January 24, 2011

What is good for your heart is good for your soul.

See it's another problema de amor. I'm so tired dealing with this kind of thing. You see, i'm a failure on amor. So how do you expect me to deal and help others? Well, i'll help this partner anyway. I know exactly what happened. It's been almost a month they argue and didnt talk to each other. It wasn't a good idea. Both are dumbass. Please, anyone please start talk! If nobody start, and throw their ego, how this fight going to end? Come on, i'm the middle person and i dont wish to interrupt, but hey..i cant bear your arguement man! Yes, you dont fight like the king fighter and you dont scream out loud to each other like cat and dog. It's a silent fight, i wonder if both of you wrestling within your heart huh? Whatever. As i said, i know exactly what happened. I'm the alibi!!Zzz.. I saw and i heard, i'm at the place where all these shit began. Therefore, for the past two weeks, i made on analysis and some thesis (OMG!) on the issue. Therefore, now i came out with my answer and the result. Based on the world problemo de amor de conclusión, Both are wrong! and both are responsible to ask for forgiveness on each other. SO FUCK! WHAT THE HECK YOU BOTH ARE WAITING FOR?? Find a time, damn it! You always had the time, just spend few minutes and ask for forgiveness. SO HARD TO SAY SORRY?? If there's EGO+SHIT=Sure got HECK!!! Come on, your relationship wasn't cincai relationship. It wasn't two three months not even two three years. So why just a simple words mistake can bring you both act like shits? I tired seeing this kind of things. Please man, be the real man. It's your time to take your step. It wasn't wrong if you just approach her and say I'M SORRY, i believe she would reply you the same thing. I guess she's just too tired. Discuss the problem and make it to a conclusion. There's nothing wrong to say sorry and give way. In relationship, there's no such things like, loser and winner. In relationship, you accept on each other, bad and good. Someone need to start. It's time for you man, just say you're sorry and everything will be good. Why the man? Because you had said something you shouldnt say. Just put yourself in her shoes, what would you feel when she said that to you? I bet you going to mad like crazy dumbass lion. Just think back what the both of you had went through for the past few years. What she had sacrifice for you, everything that she had given up just for you. Is this how you treat her,now? after all the things.. There's so many things. Went back to your past, think all those sweet memories and think about now. PLEASE MAN AND WOMAN. Two of you own this relationship. Choice is within the both of you. I'm tired watching shits. Please talk. Face the reality. Both of you are not a high school student whom has a love problem, didn't talk for so long and end up nothing. Both of you are grown up man and woman. Think wisely. Act wisely. Dumbass!!
I'll pray for the happiness.

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