Monday, January 10, 2011

Out of all places

Have been miles away from the busy city for a night, sat on the bench, watching the scenery as i was really far away, there's a big ant walking it's path of life up high on the hill, looking for the right path but for the past few minutes, that ant was never really got it's way. I left the ant with it's life. Back to my room and checked on my phone, i took loads of photos. Night came,i slept calmly along with the coldness and the fog, i had nightmares twice, i woke up at the middle of dawn, mashimaro had fall down but i was too lazy to pick it up, went back to sleep, few minutes later i woke again, mashimaro is calling me, maybe i was too sleepy this time, i close my eyes and slept until morning came and greet me with the sunshine, after awake i quickly pick mashimaro up. Remembering the nightmare i had that night, i was still giggling. Back to the busy city, it feels good to be home. The nightmares is still fresh, though i forgot a quarter of it. I don't want to remember nor think about it, my mind would create an imagination, it wasn't a good sign. This morning, awaken by sister's loud voice as she was busy to get to school. I woke up few hours after she went to school. Getting ready for the same routine, for the weekdays. I had loads of works awaiting on a piece of paper. Too lazy to read and leave it behind. Under the shady tree, on the green grass, with a basket of foods, drinks and a book, i sat politely. Read my book until the tenth page, boredom came therefore i stopped. Ate sandwiches and drank milk. I thought about me. How many people would call and text me by not calling my name? Obviously it's a kind of weird, when people will simply call by the 'sweet words' when they are nothing. It was okay for the female friends but not okay for the male friends. Frankly speaking, i'm not used to those words,please call my name. It's getting dark and cloudy, what a wonderful day, neither super hot sun nor super heavy rain. Just a cloudy day followed by the gently breeze. Wish someone could sat next to me and a little talk. Tired of being cheated. Tired of being tired. Post ended.

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