Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've slept few hours ago and now i'm here. wtf! I slept for few minutes/half an hour and i awake now. I can't sleep back. I have too much in my mind. Sign in my facebook and randomly checked on my friend list plus friend of friend list. Suddenly,i found not-so-long ago story of you. Get what i mean? I felt jealousy. I regret that i have to found what i shouldn't. It will makes me more harder to sleep back. I regret that, now i have loads in my mind again. I don't know and i don't know. But past is past. I accept you for who you are,now while with me. And that's how you accept me too. That's what everybody does too, forget the past and accept the person we love for who they are now. Let's call it respect,for the mean time. Finish with our history.

I have a weird dream ever,last night. I wondered,why do i need to have such thing in my sleep thought? OR am i getting weird each day? Well i mean, i have too much in mind during day and during night(in a dream) too? What happen? At least,let me have a good,happy,wonderful,awesome thought at night. I can't bear a life full of lame idea in my head. I don't wish to be a lame either. Pray for me. God bless me.

I had my headache, i can't stand hot days and annoying people. Please bear with this anger that i throw all around. Don't talk to me, when i don't feel like talking. I dislike spam. I wish account don't exist. More accurate, calculations. I'm too stupid with numbers,grrr. I wish i was a little smarter.

난 이런 삶을 지겨워 . . 내가 행복한 가정을 그리워, 내 가족
내 부모가 각각의 며칠 동안의 다른 얘기 한게 아냐
난 너무 슬퍼입니다. 나는 그들이 정상으로 돌아올 수 있었으면 좋겠어
내 남자, 제발 내 옆에 . . 내가 당신에게서 안아 줄까
내게 키스를하시기 바랍니다 . .그것은 단지 꿈일 뿐이야 모든 게 잘 될거야 말해봐

내가 원하는 건 . .
내 행복 가족과 함께 행복한 삶을, 그리고 사랑스러운 남자 친구를 원하는

하나님, 내가 사람 나와 함께 행복한 인생을 사랑하게 해주세요.

KWL, Do you know,what fit us perfectly?
Define the dialogue, which one is yours and mine.

Stop being out so late
Try not to drink so often
You don't listen to me like a 10 year old child

I can only laugh
Who are you calling a child?
Really, I can only laugh

You don't know how it feels for me to say these things
You don't know that I only want to say nice things to you
Should I stop? Let's stop

From one to ten, they're all words for you
But since you don't listen to me, it's only nagging to you
Let's stop, let's stop
There's not even enough time to just love

A story told by the heart, not the mind
Stories that I can't help but tell you even if you hate them
Let's stop, let's stop
I only hear your nagging

Are you eating at the right time
Are you staying away from girls
I want to be beside you all day
That's how I feel
If I could keep you in my pocket
I'd be really happy

Our story where we can only be two
A story that would make someone laugh if they heard
Should I stop? Let's stop

Even if you glare and try to scare me
Your face is just too cute to me
Are you going to keep this up? (You) I can't hold back anymore
I really might get angry

A story that wouldn't be told if we were to give up love
The sound of my heart that thinks only of you
Even if you're angry, even if you shout
Your nagging is just so sweet to me

A story that can only be told if we love
But since you don't listen to me, it's only nagging to you
Let's stop, let's stop
But trust my feelings


I almost done blogging and nagging. Finally i realize why is it so hard to sleep tonight. It's because i'm counting the to 10 months anniversaries, which happen only in our dream.

To my awesome reader, i'm sorry that i have lost my blogging mojo. Therefore, lets wish i have a greater and better birthday on May =..= Pray!!

I'll be back to sleep. Good dawn.

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