Sunday, January 2, 2011

First post in new year

finally the year is here..
i'm going nineteen this year ^o^
should i happy or not with that age??
i'm feeling good though~~ havent come yet =.='''
5 more months okay!!
it's just January 2 new year is just the same..
no changes..

A day before new year,my friend texted me,asking abt homework while i'm busy-ing with my facebook,twitter,tumblr,blogger. She awaken me and i'm stuck in front of my laptop. I'm talking to myself; what? i got homework? management assignment? maths work? economic work? okay wonderful new year eve!! However,i didn't do my work that night,instead i'm going out killing people, knocking head and kicking ass. That's just it is,my mood so awful that night. Guess what? I'm crying myself (not because of the homework,of course) but something hurts and i lost my feeling,no feeling and Zzz i ended cry. Crying so badly and hard to stop. Perhaps,i'm too sad to leave 2010?? Dont think so,that year wasn't good year,i'm surely happy to leave it. I have no hope for this new year. Really? Maybe i wanted to leave all my sadness behind and having a new life? How many time i have said this, every year i guess but seems nothing happened. Well, whatever,therefore i choose not to have any proper wish/hope for new year. Pointless for me. It's just another words/aim that i can't fulfill cause i'm too busy/Lazy. So leave it zero.
Someone is sick so badly, hopefully can cook soup and accompany that person. Get well soon. I really dont want this person to get sick but i think,this day he deserves to get sick. He's just too bongo. That's his payment for his blast party. I'm not being cruel nor mean. I just think it's fair. Besides,it's his own fault. He knows he's sick and he drink what he can't drink. Well said.
I've done my assignment by now. I took half night and half dawn to finish it. Printing will be soon. However i'm too lazy with maths and economic essays. Class will be start tomorrow,ugh how i wish i don't need to go to class again. Going to awake early and listen to lecturer going home with tons of homework and deal with other college activities. Tired and no income. I just dislikes. Please,please,please God, please make my other six months foundation studying and other 3 years degree studying fast and easy. May i get job easily and work happily after that,perhaps. Not-long-way to go. It will come so soon.Wasn't it?
Mother nature should be happy with me now,i'm quite a good person now Zzz.. Well,i no longer wasted water,like i used to do. I reduce the usage of plastic,glass and paper now. Little bravo! I need to do more. Cause i can't help those who simply throw rubbish where ever they are, and those who spit/throw chewing gum randomly, so OMG! real pissed off. Please behave yourself people. this an environment campaign by me?? LOL..
I'm going/dreaming to Quicksilver/Roxy. Goodbye~

I'm feeling unfair-ing happened around me

Lost . Lost .

This is just another, FAILED post.

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