Sunday, January 9, 2011

As a shattered glass

main picture? it's pointless lol.. that's what happen when maths and account meet with me..i'm just too poor at calculating,never ask me to calculate if there's no calculator,because the answer would be soooo correct (you would never find the answer in any maths book). *mathsadvertisment*

got ppl,really want me to update blog, my blog fan,perhaps ha ha ha.. But i'm being too bongo lately i have no idea and whenever i get the idea to write something,i lost it in a blink. When my internet server was down (the internet need some rest,i guess) for 3 days,i have tons idea in my head,when the internet is back,my head is empty,wtf! Seriously,i've been sooooooooo uninspired after my heart was cracked,i guess it's really damage this time,no workshop can help me anymore. And i guess a karma is now playing. Maybe not for me, but for other ppl.

I started my class again on Jan3 and i was so lazy to wake up before i really want to awake, it's my most difficult day of all, Waking up reluctantly!! I need my alarm to ring an hour earlier with the help of my mom morning speech half an hour earlier. Gosh!! It's stupid. Okayy back to college life, i get my first semester result and hell yeah,i'm doing good on it hopefully i can do better on my second semester. (forget cheating! it's a shortcut when fate is on our side)

Of my previous post,when i complaint myself about what i really want, about how i want to deal with my wants and needs,about how confuse am i with everything happened and soon to be happen....Until now i was still feeling the same..nothing changed infact it's getting more worse and complicated. I think i've become more and more confused. Ask me,what about? I couldnt answer too cause i dont know about it either. *Anyway, thanks to those who cares ;)

Arghhh...what happen to the place where i stay now,my coverage? no 3g? no network? i live in the middle of the city not in the middle of the jungle!! what is happening?? =.=''' sad lar..

Guess what.. three days away from internet and i back online,just to realize, fakers are more than i ever thought and stupid ppl is become more stupid. I totally mad at first,why ppl whom calling themselves intelligent is actually more idiot than me, can't even differentiate original and fake. Totally palui!! cangu!! and to any faker,especially to that faker that i knew, Please away from my life and away from the ppl around me,dont wait until i come to you and kick your tontonn ah..i really hate you oh!!! if only i see your face and you act nothing, hmmp, i might look kind and innocent but dont know what will happen lar when we meet..please dont show up in front me, i'm not stupid as others. This time i dont care anymore,whether you're younger or older. You wait and see. And i never sorry.

Little picture spam~~

>> i miss this little boy T__T

and anonymous LOL..that's my little sister..

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