Friday, December 24, 2010

Season Greetings~

Dear all,




today is Christmas eve..
it's the most busy time of all time..
my grandmother might be busy preparing for tomorrow party
while i'm here at home waiting for my aunt who will follow us
i'm not sure when will i coming back..Lmao!!
but i think i'm sure will be back here before the new year countdown..
cant wait to see fellest and ean during the countdown >..<
and hopefully hannsen will be there too and added by christine..
uhh..that will be great..what a wonderful gathering~~
so once again Merry Christmas to those whom celebrate it..
may this bless day would bring lots of happiness and joyful
to those who dont celebrate,lets us celebrate it together and partying..
may all of our wishes come true for the next coming year
and may this Christmas been blessed..

Dear close friendsssss and old and new and awesome friendss...
lets meet this Dec 31 2010 for the new year countdown ;)
God willing.

And to KWL..i miss you endlessly :')

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