Thursday, December 9, 2010

Only GOD knows, what i actually want..

holiday gotta start soon ^^

you know what's best of being single and in relationship for me?
talk abt single,everybody would say Yippie~
it's awesome, damn free life equal to NO COMMITMENT..
so true, i'm agree too~
in relationship? hmmp..
sweet and perfect..being protect and love love and more love
and you're holding a're with someone^^

which one do you prefer??and which one do i prefer?? depends on ourselves..i don't know which one i prefer now~
of course, when you love someone you prefer in relationship.
but 'lonely', i don't think it was a good be in a relationship!

okay..what's my point of posting this??
i'm not gonna talk crap!! asking ppl to be single or in relationship..
well..i just wanted to tell those guys outside there whom keep asking and treat me something
okay back to the main point..

Hey,guys here's a letter for you, hope you all gotta understand
and respect me and forgive me as well..

First of all, thanks for the offer to take a good care of me, for treating me so well, come and help while i need a help, asking how am i doing, and a little love,you all had gave me, all the effort to win my heart, wasting time and money on me. Thanks guys..
However, was a million thousand sorry from me, that i couldn't respond to all those. I can't accept the love, but believe me that i did felt touch with those. Somehow, i have closed my heart and i wanna take some rest from these things. I've been tired and hurt enough of my previous relationship, and one thing for sure, i still love my former boyfriend. I've tried myself to give a chance and take this opportunity to love another but it don't help. I've locked myself. Ya, i locked my own self. This time i will let myself alone. I just wanna be a quiet person. If one day i'm in love again that will be another story but i bet..that time wouldn't be so soon. Seriously, i've no longer had the feeling to be in a relationship again guys. So sorry and please forgive me. I know it well, how is the feeling, when someone don't loves you back. I wouldn't be too cruel either. Just don't put your expectation on me. I'm not in the mood. I might like you but i don't love. I'm heartless. I don't wanna feel love anymore. Let the love only for God, families, friends and myself. I'm not scared, but i love HIM, still.
That is all. Thanks for understanding. If you don't understand then force yourself to understand. Like i did.

I'm still mourning my previous relationship so don't expect me to love.
I cannot be with someone else when my heart belongs to him.
Please please please listen to me.

Ohh..i know he might forget me now, he no longer love me and whatever it is..
That was okay for me, might be. As long as i know and he knows how i felt towards him.
If he cherish, not be proud and not running away. At least, i will be okay.

I should end here.

~Good Bye Love Life~

Sincerely, Rina.

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May His Soul Rest In Peace
each ppl has their own reason,well maybe his life is just until here, even he had made a big mistakes, that was his deal with God, no offense and no judgement. Pray.

As long as we believe in God . . . Faith . . .


Azwan Shah said...

yakin&percaya rina hahaha pointless...

Rina said...

itu trademark dr azwan~
saya tahu sdh ;p
will do..^^

Azwan Shah said...

iya rina...haha
dr?haha msih stadi bha...

Rina said...

future~~~ :)
happy for you ^^