Friday, December 31, 2010

Failed post!!!

This is going to be long last post of the year 2010 ;)

Time to recall everything in this year
since January until December,ROFL!!

It wasnt my good year,maybe my unlucky year~
Somehow,i still thankful that i still alive
I've hurt more, i learnt more, i cherish more.
I wanted to list everything that i remember in this year
but i dont think i want to make all of it public =...=
privacy purpose,perhaps..
Oh maybe i/you should read 2010 posts again,lmao!

I felt like talking shitss now..
so please bear with this lame post..
I will only use first letter of name OR the word 'someone'
for each person privacy =,= and they included the boys and the girls

Shitss began~~ wtf!!

I talked with someone last night..
It feels like so long didn't talk to each other that long
When we recall everything in the past,it feels weird and funny at the same time
It shows how fast time flies..Now we have our own life
and we shared our new own life..i'm happy it's ended with bless
and hopefully it will stay..

Oh yaa..
Few days before the christmas, this someone texted me
wishing merry christmas and a happy new year
such a relieve to get that text too..
it feels like: hey you still remember me?? OMG!!
i must admit that i'm happy when i saw that name..
couldnt believe my eyes..lmao!!
hope this someone will come back here someday..
it can be say,lost contact if we dont find each other again,lol!!

Want to meet LHS badly >..<
It's been 3 yearsss okay!!! Where this shit had go??
I'm going to knock head and kick ass!!!

and Aiden too
[this stupid no need privacy,hahaaa]
i'm going to find you!!!!!! Who asked you to lost??
Protect you head and ass now before i kick em' =....=

Should i list my new friends i get in 2010?? dont think so!!


because i knew tonight would be another boring new year eve..

I had my bad mood to go..
boredom ate me,and conflict chewed me..

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