Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 everyone~

I was planning for my new year eve celebration
about two weeks in advance so that i wouldn't rush at the last hours
and at the same time,i received few more invitation..
however i stick with my plan..BUT guess what happened??
Things doesn't goes well..and that's when i'm saying..
my 2010 is fully suck, now 2011 eve is already suck
so what will happen in 2011 later?????
i wish this post would be a very happy and blissful post..
i was full of thought that this new year eve is something new and fresh
but it's just another lame new year eve...
what should i wish for the coming new year??
Answer : please let me die earlier =...=
**i'm supposed to come out with more brilliant wish
oh my God!!
my 2010, done with two heart break stories
my study makes me much more suck
ppl thought i'm a small is like in a jail
life gets more terrible..
rina + 2010 = fucking shits
2010 isn't my good year..maybe my feng shui just..unlucky!!

so i was hoping 2011 would be damn gooooood than previous year
but the eve doesn't show a gooood appearance
so,is that mean another silly year for me??????? perhaps..
Sigh..if it's really yes..
then i should just happy with my new year wish
and may i've been bless that time..

i'm not in the mood now..
i'm seriously mad and please dont disturb me >.....<
lets pray,i dont kill tonight..i dont feel like talking now..
but i do wish someone,whoever..would call me by midnight..
and hopefully that person would brighten my suck new year eve..
i can't believe i'm crying now..damn!! i never knew i'm this sad..

Goodbye 2010 . . Hello 2011

Dear reader,sorry for all these complaint ;')

Another year come,another life go on
When a new thing comes, an old things gone
Life comes and life go
May everything been blessed now and later.

Happy new Year!!

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