Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Joy

it's the final month in 2010
and we still here, thank God.

Welcome December ~

First of all,want to wish some more [ding]*

Dear,  KWL
whose birthday on Nov30
i will always pray for you and wishing you all the best
will be next to you and keep on supporting ;)


My silly sister, Farah Lea
whose birthday perfectly on Dec1
you getting older babo hahaa..
wishing you all the best in life
success in your study and make us proud of your ability
show people that you are powerful and awesome ;)

to my special someone, lovely sister and all ppl around me, including myself
May God Bless Us All

What to say huhh??
Honestly, i've become dull =.=''
i have less story to share or should i say, NO story at all
ya,probably and mostly was no story at all..
life become much much bored..
seriously,i'm uninspired now!!
lost my inspiration and things changed day by day

months after months, didn't see any changes
and i being much more private about my personal life..duhh..
i thought after few months had passed
and after so much activities undergoes around me
after meeting few new people and being more open to friendsss
i would be more happy and can forget 'him' and act as usual
HOWEVER, happiness comes only for few moments
laughter and smiles comes once and goes away..
see...what's life??
at the end of the day, i will sat alone in my bedroom
thinking of my past happiness and
thinking if i could repeat them with the same person
love non stop and miss like an idiot
felt hurt sometimes and crying to sleep sometimes
oh christ . . . :'(

AND one thing i always surprised..
he always know and it's correct whenever
he guess, 'did you cry last night?'
what makes you so know me??
if you did know..why didn't you comfort me?
you know, i need you :(

when i felt down, moody, awful and lost

i will take a look on his pictures and me
reach my phone and give him a call,talk to him
that's the only way can do..
most of time,i wish i could sit next to him
let him lend his shoulder..cry out loud,
and throw all the things that eating me inside
i want a hug and a kiss.. seriously,i want him!! now~
even it's only just a second :'( :'(
and pray to make it years and more . .

guess what??
i received two letters from heaven~
you might curious about this..right?
for my own term...
Heaven's letter is an envoy
telling you that 'someone' is care for you.
that is all :) thank you.

my heaven's letter story if you dont understand
i just out of idea what else to share,actually =.='''

oh dear,readers..
today i have a photoshootsss with Shiseido make up
damn..this make up is gorgeous and the price is boooom
my make up artist took about hmm 1 hour++ to make up me
after done make up-ing looking for clothesss
make up artist + clothes assistant + photographer
help me with my clothesss..LOL..
i think it's funny when my photographer help me,weird~ haha..
soooon, is touch up my photo and taadaaa...
perfect beautiful photo of mine ;) *wink wink*
all of them very professional with their work.. Respect!
Here's the little photo...

small huh?? i do it on purpose
too expensive for bigger size :p

Okay, bloggers and sweet readers..
Gotta go now.. My awesome bed was calling
Hope you enjoy reading ya~~
my post getting more and more silly..

> Mister KWL, please be remember..
내가 당신을 너무 사랑해 . . 당신이 너무 그리워요
내가 당신을 돌봐 :')

. . 안녕 . .


Azwan Shah said...

lawa gambar kw yg mcm jepun ne tw haha

Rina said...

hihi ;p
thanks loy ;)