Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Of a flower and a beetle

There's a beautiful flower. When it meets the beetle, it bloom itself, it has become the prettiest among all flowers. Beetle is always there next to the flower. However,things doesn't goes well and it never happen as the flower had wish for. Beetle doesn't love flower. Beetle said,it love another. Flower had became so sad. Flower has withered. There's no more bloom. It was no longer the prettiest. Flower wish it will withered and just dead. However, the gardener take a good care of it. The gardener put on fertilizer and watered the flower everyday. Gardener try her best to bloom the flower again because she loves the flower. Flower,somehow has lost the strength. Beetle moving on it lifes to chase after something it loves. Flower was so upset. Flower pray to God and wish a miracle could happen. The story was unfinished.

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