Saturday, November 13, 2010

Going to hell in a basket

I used to and was still love and adore you. I thought i could shift your mountain, i was definitely wrong. By thinking i could make you happy with me and forgot someone, i was just making a meal out of something. I thought there is a lot between you and me and the bedpost. Once again, i was wrong. Wondered if i ever crossed your mind,if i ever makes your heart skipped a beat. I could only say, while we are together since the year dot,i might ever cross your mind,i might ever makes your heart skipped a beat. I create a thought that i never know until now,just to cure my pain and hurt. When you ended our stories,that is all you wrote. I was strung up. You have wipe the grin in my face and i was out like a light. Maybe i let the grass grow under one’s feet or maybe i’m the man in the moon. Too late and fool and lose to myself and loses you. Sometime,i smell a rat,i’m too scared and anxious,i don’t want to think something i couldn’t imagine. I can only pray to God that everything will be alright and calm. You can’t have one’s cake and it eat too,so i work like a plough horse,doing my best to convince you that i’m the one that suited to stand next to you. However,things doesn’t go as i wish it will be. You want us to walk along in the street on our own. You wanted to out of the cold,you don’t want me to tie you down,you don’t want to be under my heel or maybe i have turned you off. I felt not worth a row of beans,it was pain and hurt. The feeling of being left behind and given a short change was definitely like walking the plank.You had threw out the baby with the bath water. I wish i could take this relationship from the top and do everything all over again,and if i got the chance i want to thrilled to the core and whoop it up. After we walked on our own way, you have try so many times to tickle my funny bone but somehow i can no longer laugh and smile like before. I run hot and cold. My standard mood was only sadness. After all,i can’t rise from the ashes, and i wondered why,i was trapped. Time flies and you might almost forgot our times together, as for me, those memories was still fresh and i can perfectly remember it. I’m worn to a frazzle. Maybe i’m too big for my breeches, therefore, i convince myself that there is destiny and miracle. If one day you realize and cherish, that time you’ll be back and my welcome mat will always out, for you. We’ll out of the woods,take it from the top,rise from the ashes,we’ll get into the hot water together,thrilled the core together and do whatever it is, together, until we push up the daisies. We’ll learn the warp and woof of being together. God willing. May my prayer was heard and been answered.

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