Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We'll meet again someday :')

One day i'll meet you again
That time you won't see the girl you've see now
That day you'll see her all grown up
You'll see a woman whom you see her while she is still a young woman
The one you ever love as your friend, lover and sister
You'll see her again but you've found out she's changed
AND i wanted you to know that..
She's doing all these for you specially and of course herself too
She doesn't want you think, she's a fool or childish anymore
You need to stop thinking that way
And you need to stop tag her as a young girl
Cause once you tag her that way
You will never see her grow up even she's all grown up and changed to woman.
I'm begging you mister :)
Open up your eyes and think out of the box
She's growing up, maybe she took too much time that you couldn't wait her
She leave it all to her destiny.
She pray to God and make a wish everyday.
If you is hers. At last you will come back to her. Just don't hurt her again.
If you wasn't hers slowly everything will fade
But for now,only you the one she loves. No other. It's only you
You may say whatever on her, a fool or whatever,that won't change anything
She take a good care of herself for you. She always care for you and worry on you.
She is maybe nothing for you but for her you are someone really special
She loves you more than anything and everything is just you. She really respect you.
Please appreciate her while she's here with you.

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