Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten

It's very special date huh?
10 0ctober 2010
No it ain't special for me!!
Just another numbers that keep running

Today is Oct 10 right?
remember what happen in Aug 10?
The saddest day in my life..
It's been two months..
two months had past..two months!!
two months after broke up
and i feel so terrible tonight!!!

two months is feel like nothing
damn! i still love that guy
i miss him every second..and him??
wtf! i dnt know..and i bet he has great feeling
enjoying his single life and no more rina!!
and me??
i still love him i still miss him
he's still someone special to me
i still care his feeling!!
i wouldn't do those things he dislikes
i'm not really enjoying my single life
infact i pray to God and wishing he realize
how much i love him, and waiting him to come back
and wtf with that?? did he even still care??
NO! i dont care whether he care or not
he must know this! really!

tonight i was so sad and a little anger..
he go out to celebrate his friend bday..
grr..i dnt just go out celebrate
but please dnt do anything bad or out of control
because i'm going to kill you!!
tonight's feeling is anxious and anxiety
is it same?? =.=''
this feeling same like when we still together
oh..i know you also ever feel this feeling..right?
when i'm going out at night..and you call me to scold ask me go home
yes!! that's the feeling now!!
no!! no!! i dont want to think much or negative
but sometimes just can't control and it's very annoying
plus now we're not together
OMG!! i feel like i'm dying here..
you must take care and remember me while there
keep your promise!! to text me when home..
dont do things i really hate scared and sad..and...
don't know how to express this feelings..
no words can explain..

should go get some rest

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