Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I really can't bear live like this.
Everyday is a bad day, every night is a nightmare
I miss you more and more each day
I kept wondered about you all day
I didn't do it on purposes, infact i try not to think of you
but i just can't do it,this is really hurt me, much more and deeply :'(

Do you know how hurt and pain, is it?
I cry everyday, every night and everytime i thinking of you
I really miss you :'(
I know you wouldn't like to hear this but that's what happen
I'm getting weak and more weak
I want to be strong and invincible so i don't need to cry and begging for you again
How do i do it?
How i want to get rid of you like you get rid of me?
Why is it so easy for you to get rid of me? Why? Why it's nothing for you?
Why i'm the one who hurt too much? What have i done?
What have you done till i love this much?
Why can't i just stop loving you? :'(
It's been two months plus and i still love you!!
My heart is still yours..It's totally yours..
And if anytime miracle happen and you could come back
My heart will welcome you happily

I want you back.I don't want to lose you anymore.I want you for the rest of my life
This time will give you my very best..I'll be the best girlfriend for you!!
Is it possible?? To give ourselves another chances!!
Argghhh...this is really hurt..
How can i think such things when you don't even want to think about it :'(
I can't stop thinking of you and everytime i do,i'll have my tears.
When will this end? When will you come back? During my funeral?
Do you understand? Why are you being so selfish?
You think, i can't make you happy? You think, i will disturb your work?
You think, i will make you and your family apart???
NO..i won't do such things!!!
All i want is, to see you happy and get what you want in life
while i'm the one who being your supporter,
will be there for you whenever you sick,sad,angry,moody,happy, whatever it is!!
When you find yourself alone and empty, i'll always be there for you!
I will never make you and your family apart,
family is,where you come from,there's no reason for me to make all of you apart..
I won't care if they dislike or hate me, i'll always respect them,
and your younger sister will always an elder sister to me.
I respect all of them so much, like i respect my own family.

What else is left? Not mature enough?? I'm too young??
I'm doing my best to be like woman at my age. I'm not too young!!!
You are learner and i'm also a learner. We both are learner!
We can learn together. I'll help you and you'll help me.
We'll help each other.

Why do you see things and make things complicated??
Yes!! It is hard. Life is hard.
However, you could make it easier.
Please..Please..Think about it !
Think about us again!!
I want you back..I really need you..
What more can i say?
Tell me what else is left?
What's wrong with me? I'll change it for you!
I'll make it better and perfect for you!!
I ain't just saying this, i really mean it!!
Think back, Think wisely.
I want you back..I really need you..
Cause i really can't hold my tears anymore
I can't bear live without you by my side
Please come back!! :'(


SIR'AdE"® said...

be strong.. (^_^)

Rina said...

i'm trying..thanks for care ^^