Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello August :)

It's 8th month of the year..
ohh it feels like
just yesterday i finish my secondary school

while typing this..
**i got heart attack
when my mom suddenly call
saying got thief at the back of our house
[the neighbours call her,but mommy not at home]
so unlucky me..i was alone at home ;'(
actually actually . . .
the thief is at outside my aunt house!! =.=''
going to steal my cousin's bicycle but failed!!
serve your right!!! fuck off!!!

do you know how it feels???
i almost dying!!! due to scare ;'(
and mommy keep calling me..
ohh i wish she's with me that time..
isn't it fuck????
grrrr...i was shaking!!!!
i'm so scare T__T
stupid thief go die kena langgar lori 10tan lah you!!
haiz..ruin my mood only ==


today is Aug 2nd :)
i went to place ^^ hehe
yeah baby!! i admit i'm boring
while bongo play games and watch movie..
oh well..i enjoy watch that movie
'Fireball' punch here kick there
to get only a ball =.=''
however, i dnt knw wht's the ending backside was pain sitting to long
and i go take a little rest until fall asleep =.=!!!
Yet, i had greaaattt time today :) :)
being boring is okayy :)
as long can spend time with
someone i really miss and love ^_^
mwahx..mwahx.. :)

~ i want go vacation again ohh XD taken today ^^

>>actually i got thing want give him..but no chance ==
i guess no need give la..bongo also seems dont want :'(

today's story done..
bongo also M.I.A now
where is he now?? cleaning his room??
maybe go yamcha.. =.='' duhh!!

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