Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Forgive My Feeling

March 17 2010 - August 10 2010
We've been together for only
4 months and 10 days
another seven days to go,for the fifth months.

Finally the day is coming.
Now my life is different.
There will be no more you.

No more waiting for your text
No more waiting you back home
No more waiting you call me at night
No more webcam or video call when we miss each other
No more going your house or going my house
No need to wait every monday to spend time with you
There is no more you in my life.
Now i really had to forget my love to you.
I should stop loving now.
It was so hard for me,really hard.

A little piece of my heart
is still loving you, still waiting for you..
I kept wondered how you doing there
Do you feel the same?

I won't forget you and You don't forget me too.
You'll be my memory and I'll be your memory.

I heard you said. you love me
At least you still make me a little happy
at the last conversation.

AND i won't forgot these..
March 17 2010 . . May 17 2010 . . August 10 2010

I've cried all out
I've cried so hard to day
I never see myself like this.
I'll be fine later.
I promise i will take good care of myself.
You take good care of yourself too.

For the last time,
Good Bye Boyfriend.

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