Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anxiety And Awareness

It's floating
I wish i never know the ending
But God let me know
God ask me to prepare myself,ask me to get ready
God ask me to be strong,ask me to sit for his test
However,sometimes i felt so weak,I couldn't bear all this
I'm really tired,finally i'm tired.
BUT for the sake of God
I must be strong, i won't see myself
crying and frust for nothing
People say i'm still young, i don't think so
I can't say my life is young anymore
God may take my life Anytime!
So how can i say i'm young?
'WE' can die anytime from now..anytime!!
Whatever happen to my life now..
All i can do is just move on..go through everything

If it's written to happen,no matter how hard i try to prevent
At last it will still happen. Isn't it?

God had wrote my life journey.
I'll stick to it.
Whatever happen, I believe,
God always know what's best for me.
God wouldn't test me for something i can't hold.
God teach me to be strong!!!!

There's only 1 God.
Whatever is our religion,we stick to the same God.
Everything is just the same. When we back to the 'roots. We came from the same thing
Why do we have to argue to each other and complaint another?
Why people are so stupid? Why can't they think wisely?
Why do people like to compare instead of respect?
People is just too stupid! Too Selfish!!
People had forgot Mercy and Reward.
Too Pathetic!

'Our life almost come to its End.
The Judgement day is soon to come.


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