Sunday, July 18, 2010

since the first till now..

it's been four months since the first
do you still remember?
i was happy that it's been this long
i know it's not that long but i'm happy
thanks for stay with me this four month
but it doesn't happen as i wish..
my night was filled with tears..
it's 11pm and i was sleepy..but
i wait you home..i text you..but where are you
it's almost 2am..finally i'm tired of waiting..
and i decide to go sleep..i sleep with my tears
and suddenly you call me,i thought it's dream
my phone was vibrating and makes me headache
i picked your call after two missed call
i'm sad, yet i'm happy to received your call
i wish i could talk to you till i fall asleep
i wish you were next to me

seriously,i dont know what makes me so sad
what makes me cried all night
i kept thinking of you whole night
i wish i can meet you perfectly on that night
and stay with you forever till i cant awake again

finally,i listen something from you
the words you used to gave me in the past
last night i heard them. you draw me a smile.thank you.

but you've open my old scar..
but i won't say it's your fault
because you have yours too.
i respect you. very much.

thank you for take good care of me.
thank you for loving me even just a little.
thank you.
i will remember them for the rest of my life.

i promise i won't forget you
you may be not my first love
but i swear you are the one i really love
among all my former lovers..

please forgive me for loving you this much.

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