Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Rules :)

Good Morning . Good Afternoon . Good Evening . Good Night
to ladies and gentlement :) :)
i'm rina your driver for today's journey
so i'm here to annouce some rules when
as we all know i just have my Mr P for few weeks XD
so fyi, must remember this!!
>> i'm neither experience nor good driver.
okayy everybody here's the rules,

when i'm driving..please..please..

1. never never never make me panic!
once i got panic then i lost my control
and it will endanger all pessenggers
> things that can make me panic :
- shout! (about anything)
- you panic yourself and touch my hand
- keep ask me change gear
- give me lotss pressure
- keep say: hoii hoii got car coming!!
- disturbing my hand break (i'm the driver,remember!!)
- didnt reply me when i'm talking =.=''
- ask me to stop in all of sudden
- scold me (i hate this,it makes me speeding!!)

2. relax yourself and enjoy the journey!
i know i'm a very very bad driver..
i'm not ashamed to admit that..
like the road is all mine :p whatever!
anyway..if you have no choice
and have to follow me :) so,
- sit properly, put on your seat belt and enjoy ~
where ever you sit..
next to me or at the back..relax yourself!!

3. help me!
this is especially for my pessenger who sit next to me
yess..i need your help
- help me to watch the highway :p
i was sometimes forgot where to stop and where's my way
and it seems like i make my own rules =.=''
so if you are experience me with those :) :)
if you are not driver, help to see the sign! :)
- and remind me to change the gear
to gear 1 whenever i stop :)
it's my most stupid!!
but never ask me changer to gear 2, 3, 4
i know where and when to change that :)
and i usually stuck on round help me to see the car ^^
- during parking too
yes..this is most important,parking
not much to say,
you know wht to think when it comes to parking :)

4. i accidentally 'mati enjin'
dohh..i dnt knw wht to say tht in english =.=''
hee..this is stupid!
nothing to say~
it happen when i just want to drive
usually at traffic light,round about, leaving parking
ahhhh...whenever i start to drive..
the 'kaki' problem =.=''
- so ladies and gentlement dont scold me ohh
not my just happen
i have no explanation. no idea.
go ask my kaki XD

well, i think that's enough already
i'll add some more if there's
any addition to the rules ^^

so, that's all for today
i hope you will enjoy your journey while travel with me
and i hope to see you again/soon in our next journey :)

Thank you and good bye :)


Yann said...

That's the reason why u don't drive! haha. This made my day. :p

Rina said...

lol Yann..i guess so XD
u laugh at me ah >.<