Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's July 14

hello sweethearts,
today want share some of the life journey on the early of july~
but now is 10 more mins to 12am so need to hurry!!
my bed is waiting for me :)

okayy one day in july..
when i was boring sitting like ngok ngok at home
then i asked my mom bring me out..
yeah! we going out..bebehh!!
we went to Likas Square
~the not so hot shopping mall~
has less people and less shop
but less people is pretty nice..quite calm in here..
so one thing i like at there is the . . . .
it's the korean fusion foods, snack and drink
Gosh!! I'm in love with the cafe..
so nice and less people..
so if go there lepak, have a drink , eat snack and chit chat
will be so syiookkk :)
but attention people!! attention please!!
they do serve pork and beer here!!
so i'll just say WATCH OUT to some people out there :)
nothing else to say about this cafe..
want to know more you go there yourself ^^

There's 2 Starbucks at 1B~
one near GSC another one near ICEBAR

on monday went to bongo house
something *bad happen to bongo
need to cheer and accompany bongo
arrive bongo house at 11am++
until 3pm++ then back home
and was raining heavily..
was happy seeing bongo
because before that was miss him badly
and the night before was argue and some complaining happened
but thank God still can settle and next day went to bongo place :) :)
had a very nice blessed day :) :)

okayy..enough for this post~
it's 12.20am and it's July14 now.

**Who's birthday is on July 14 ?? anyway..
>>whoever you are, you must be someone really special..

so as the closing i stick this cute animated gif :) enjoy yaa~

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