Friday, July 2, 2010

cherish every moment i had with you

i was reading one of my friends blog
and she remind me of something
that had to do with my life
and it makes me post this blog~

having someone that we really love
but at the end of the day
someday,we will leaving each other
no matter how much we love
there must be an ending
we are not sure how to handle the feeling
when we are leaving each other
when we walks in our own way
to leave and forgot all the sweet and wonderful moment
that we had before
to pretend nothing happened
to accept the hurtful fact
to live with another new person
to remember that it used to happened in the past
to see life changed
to have a new life
looking forward for new hopes
turning over a new leaf
leaving the relationship we had and keep it in memory together
pray for each other happiness in the future

it's hurtful
it's pathetic
but that's the fact
if we are not meant to be
we can't force the destiny

If you love something, let it go
If it comes back to you, its yours forever
If it doesn't then it was never meant to be

I have promise myself to appreciate
All the moment that given to me ;
To stay with you and loving you
I'll take every moment as my precious moment
I'll make my days with you priceless
I want to keep our days now in my dream forever

until the day come~
the day that i wish was never exist

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