Monday, July 12, 2010

♥ dedicated for bongo ♥

I know you are going through a hard time now, I dont want to be a bad girlfriend who only find you during your happy time, I want to be with you in every situation, I want to see you happy and always there for you whenever you feel bad. For all this time I've done my best to make you happy and cheer you up whenever you feel sad and down. And I have doing my best to understand you. And I was never lying to you, i can swear if you want to,but no need. Sometimes do happen misunderstanding between us and finally we argue. I dislike you saying about breaking up it's really hurt me. And you've promise me not to say it again although i know there's something within our relationship,just dont mention it here,it's our privacy..

Okay,actually the things that i really want to say is ::::
My boyfriend, i know i'm much younger than you but as a girlfriend i must advice you.Either you want to listen or not, then it's depends on you. I've told you that life is always like this. Although i'm young but i've gone through so many things too. I want to remind you to stay calm and relax yourself. Whatever happen next just accept it. It's may be hurtful and sometimes you feel like you can't admit what happen but you need to. And when there's arguement between you and others just dont get yourself into a fight. I really know those people well, eventhough i know them for short time. As i told you, they are a kind of people who thought whatever they said are true and want everything goes as they wanted it to be. If each people act like this, if everybody wants to be the boss,then that's what happen. And guys, always thought that they can finish up the matter through 'real fight'. But finishing the matter through fight is such a waste and childish!! A mature person would settle the matter by speak on the matter properly and must always be patient. Always ready for any possibilities that could happen.Boyfriend i know you well. You dont like to fight too. It's them who invite you,right?
Well,sometimes, you need to give way.But that's does not mean you a lose. Don't let yourself involve in such stupid thing like that, because if you did, you just like them. And i know you not like them!! When we say about 'give way' people often says we are lose. But that one is ancient!Nowadays, give way doesn't mean you are lose. As long as you know what you doing and others know the truth, then it's enough. And one more thing, if you mad at only one person or few person then just mad at them, never put and let out your anger to others, because it will just make the situation get worse, unless the other person was really understand your trait.

Boyfriend, i know you going so many hard time, and now another coming to you. As a girlfriend i've done my best to cheer you and advice you. It is up to you whether to listen to me or not. I always wanted the best for you. You've say to me before,couple is not only about love, it's much more and one of it is *Sharing. I don't know whether you still remember this or not. But i do remember that. As i said i take every of your advice seriously, but i'm a human too i can't follow all of it. But i really am doing the best i can for you.

Boyfriend,i hope today you happy. When i come to your house, i come on purpose i want to accompany you and cheer you day. When you hug me you make me feel so safe and when i hug you back i hope you feel the same way. When i saw u pretending sleep i want to cry while thinking about everything that happen to us, but then you wake up and slightly i smile to you. And i said i won't cry today, today i just want to make you happy,back to normal. I don't want to see you sitting alone with your sad face and keep thinking about what happen to you the other day,and i don't want to just listen to your sad voice on phone when i called you at late night. I want the happy you. One who text me lotss lotss and call me when you lazy text me.

>>actually i want to say all this just now at your house but i don't want to ruin our day together, as i see you smile. but i did say some of them to you last night. <<

Boyfriend ◕ ‿ ◕
have a nice day~
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

love, girlfriend ◕ ‿ ◕

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