Wednesday, June 30, 2010 bongo♥

finally June comes to it's end
and it is time for me to say bye bye
to place where i worked now
tomorrow is the 1st of July
and i'm no longer working
do you know how it feels?
it feels weird!
i'm no longer work!! =.=''
starting tomorrow i need to wake up early
not because i'm going work
but it is because i need to help
my mother do the housework..whoaa~~
well, that is what a girl do when you got nothing else to do ==

and bongo!!!
the one who call me ngok ngok~~
the one who always bought me fruits in the evening
one who helps me whenever i need help
one who cheer up my day when i'm bad mood
when i do my work with super bongo you come and help
when i get scold you come make me smile with your bongo face
you like to disturb me when i drink
when it is time to go home..
before,i just leave you and go
until one day you complaint me
and since then i'll wait you
although there's a time you don't even care me
because you busy chit chat-ing
and i just wait you look at me and when
you look at me..i'll bye bye you and go
haiz..going to miss those moment~

** i still remember when we are still friend
you at 2nd floor and i at 3rd floor
first time we go tapau together you bring friend
and i was thinking..haiz..wht the?? why bring ppl? =.=''
but the second time we go tapau
is just you and me
when it is time go tapau i was charged my phone
and didnt realize your messages and called @.@!!
when i go check my phone got messages and missed calls,
i quickly called you
and go down at food court meet you ^^
*and i miss the moment when you send me to 3rd floor
eventhough just until the stairs door
but it's so sweet for me :)
*and that time i really fall for you
and then on 1st March i moved to 2nd floor
and another story of my life began
**many things had happened to us ngok lah me!
typing all these makes me feel like bongo bongo one :p

anyhow, i will miss everybody and my bongo!!


nahh..see this cartoon..
if see me and bongo so like this..really same!! hahaxx
right my bongo??

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