Saturday, June 12, 2010

it's mine

i'm grown up now
my life now was no longer same as before
the way i think, the way i act
the way i manage myself
people may see it's just the same
people will thought i'm still the little girl
but forget about what people think of me
i am me!! i'm so busy to think about myself
i have no time to care about what others thought on me
as long as i know what i'm doing then it's more than enough
because the key of a good life is
to know about own ourselves

my life had changed so much
since the first day i worked
ya! i admit that
i'm a person who just entered the adult world!
now i think a lot
i always think about the future..
what would happen after this and that
and every moment is counted
how priceless is the time
one word: Appreciate
everything is meant

my responsibility was added
i realize that
i'm no longer the same person i know before
i'm a teenage who going to be an adult
that's the word!!
being a teenage girl and a woman is
a big different thing!!

i learn about life through experience
the things that takes place in my life
the things that
makes me smile and regret
i live with it cause it used to be with me in the past
no matter how joyful and hurtful is it
that is life..everybody knew that!

try really hard to believe in 'karma'
cause was tried much harder to leave 'revenge'
it has no ruin myself so i let karma do it for me

**this is my thought of's the life that belongs to me.each person own a life of their own.probably they has their own thought of life.
**so for those who read this post of mine.if our thought of life is different.let it stay with yours and i stay with need to complaint or what so ever.

thanks :)

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