Wednesday, June 30, 2010 bongo♥

finally June comes to it's end
and it is time for me to say bye bye
to place where i worked now
tomorrow is the 1st of July
and i'm no longer working
do you know how it feels?
it feels weird!
i'm no longer work!! =.=''
starting tomorrow i need to wake up early
not because i'm going work
but it is because i need to help
my mother do the housework..whoaa~~
well, that is what a girl do when you got nothing else to do ==

and bongo!!!
the one who call me ngok ngok~~
the one who always bought me fruits in the evening
one who helps me whenever i need help
one who cheer up my day when i'm bad mood
when i do my work with super bongo you come and help
when i get scold you come make me smile with your bongo face
you like to disturb me when i drink
when it is time to go home..
before,i just leave you and go
until one day you complaint me
and since then i'll wait you
although there's a time you don't even care me
because you busy chit chat-ing
and i just wait you look at me and when
you look at me..i'll bye bye you and go
haiz..going to miss those moment~

** i still remember when we are still friend
you at 2nd floor and i at 3rd floor
first time we go tapau together you bring friend
and i was thinking..haiz..wht the?? why bring ppl? =.=''
but the second time we go tapau
is just you and me
when it is time go tapau i was charged my phone
and didnt realize your messages and called @.@!!
when i go check my phone got messages and missed calls,
i quickly called you
and go down at food court meet you ^^
*and i miss the moment when you send me to 3rd floor
eventhough just until the stairs door
but it's so sweet for me :)
*and that time i really fall for you
and then on 1st March i moved to 2nd floor
and another story of my life began
**many things had happened to us ngok lah me!
typing all these makes me feel like bongo bongo one :p

anyhow, i will miss everybody and my bongo!!


nahh..see this cartoon..
if see me and bongo so like this..really same!! hahaxx
right my bongo??

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my night

tonight i have no mood
i felt so down

i had a fight
and i was so sad
i feel like i want to cry :(
and suddenly . . .
i was thinking to ask my boyfriend
to bring me out, go have a drink
but just as i thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =.=''
he suddenly call me~
told me that he going out with his friends
and then he text me~
told me after that he will do work at home =.=''
he was super busy!!
spend my sad night alone~ actually
with the internet! :(
mr internet!! the only bestfriend

how i really wish i could go out tonight T.T
i was so so so so

i wish to spend my night with you :( :(
but couldnt~~

i'm done!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

a letter to you

i'm not perfect.i made lots of mistakes.for all the things i do wrong please forgive me.sometimes things went out of control and i'm out of idea on how to make it right.there's a time i hurt you and there's a time i'm hurt.for everything that happened there must be a reason.cause things happen for reason.
at one time i felt love.a love that i really scare to lose.but i wont say much.because my brain stopped!
at one time i felt empty.i'm so scare and all think is just you.but i wont say much.because my brain stopped!
and now my brain totally stopped.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

it's mine

i'm grown up now
my life now was no longer same as before
the way i think, the way i act
the way i manage myself
people may see it's just the same
people will thought i'm still the little girl
but forget about what people think of me
i am me!! i'm so busy to think about myself
i have no time to care about what others thought on me
as long as i know what i'm doing then it's more than enough
because the key of a good life is
to know about own ourselves

my life had changed so much
since the first day i worked
ya! i admit that
i'm a person who just entered the adult world!
now i think a lot
i always think about the future..
what would happen after this and that
and every moment is counted
how priceless is the time
one word: Appreciate
everything is meant

my responsibility was added
i realize that
i'm no longer the same person i know before
i'm a teenage who going to be an adult
that's the word!!
being a teenage girl and a woman is
a big different thing!!

i learn about life through experience
the things that takes place in my life
the things that
makes me smile and regret
i live with it cause it used to be with me in the past
no matter how joyful and hurtful is it
that is life..everybody knew that!

try really hard to believe in 'karma'
cause was tried much harder to leave 'revenge'
it has no ruin myself so i let karma do it for me

**this is my thought of's the life that belongs to me.each person own a life of their own.probably they has their own thought of life.
**so for those who read this post of mine.if our thought of life is different.let it stay with yours and i stay with need to complaint or what so ever.

thanks :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what i thinking of . . .

and si bongo..
was having fun!
sangat sangat keSYIOKan itu orang
he hunting for lots of
chocolate drinks and cigar @.@!!

what else can i say ?
ohh yaa..
i'm fucking tired!!!!
ya..that's it..that's the word :)
and **acting like tourist was totally fun hehe..
why say acting ohh ?? =.=''
>>we are tourist!!!! :)
because we lost!! :p

i'm done~
thank you :)
and sungguh sedih sekali no photo captured :( :(


Thursday, June 3, 2010

a bouquet of flower

never mind . .
then go breakfast..
eat vanilla muffin baked by mommy and lil sis^^
go online a moment with anger == boring~~
need to take shower but too lazy to stand up
want to sleep whole day..haiyoo..
so *bangas!!!
watch tv.. oiii tambah boring!!
feel like wants to . .
think..think..what to do.. idea..
go eat an apple..
now online again..
and received a text from si bongo
after about half an hour then only he reply ==
he said he's busy . . . haih..go busy lah you ngokk!!
it's better for me to
kurik hidung..ahahahaa...

~ late at noon~ it's 1.50pm
after took my lunch and daddy back to work
i logged in to blog and edit post again
**update my today's routine
blog saya suka hati saya mahu buat apa!!
i want SS here..
because my blog so pretty just like me..wakakaa..'s my bongo doing there at work??
it's cloudy outside..
rain bucket soon ^^ and flood again ==
then going sleep like piggy piggy with the cold..
woahh..punya siookk :) :)
>>my bongo text me<< [wink.wink]
no argue about late reply and what so ever..
as i promise him..
i'll tell everything what i felt :)
now it's okayy..
i told him what i want to.. XD

~and in the evening~ it's 5.22pm
it's raining and it's stop
rain again and stop again
haih..please dont flood :(
daddy go home now!!
i want go jalan2 leh tonight (T.T)
i want buy *my things ==

now watching this oldies movie ==
abt jaws blablablaa..
i hate watched annoying..make me scared ==
plus..the girl in the movie keep shouting..haiyoooooooo~~
haih..better go sleep..#.# i cant sleep now..too late!
if sleep later night i cant sleep..
ohh my... ==

~at night~ it's 9.36pm
online again..logged in to blogger again
and edit post to update
ngehh hehee. . .
was chatting with my bongo^^
memang bongo..sangat bongo!!
ehehee..cant wait this monday :) :)

if at night no other things to do
as usual...facebook..msn..
until midnight or until feel sleepy
then only going to dreamland
ohh *the night routine*

okayy..lets finish this post here..
it's almost was 10.09pm
hahaxx..actually i've lost my idea already..
plus now i'm watching tv..'the ghost lab'
got ghost at the tattoo's saloon
and those rockers looking for the ghost
i want follow them looking for the tattoo ghost hehe..
bye bye sweethearts..
bye bye bloggers..
thanks for reading peoples!!
i really appreciates :) :)
because this is kinda boring!! :p ngehehee..