Monday, May 24, 2010

my first eighteen

i woke up with nightmare =.=''
the nightmare that horrified my whole day
but nevermind..
eventhough it's ruin my first day..
and again i said to myself it's just a dream!! it's okayy
going to work..ohh i'm late @.@!!
and someone special gave me small cheese cake (^_^)
i cant stop smiling :D hehe sangat happy sekali :) :) :) :)
and i work as usual
after that . .
my friends
gave me a little birthday surprise :) happy oh
i never get this before . . .
thanks to them for buying me a cake
and all the wishes :)
after work..
go dinner with family :)
eat seafood! @.@''
then went back home~~
at 10 cousin..
reene and sazree came to my house
celebrate my birthday :)
thanks to them^^
**my family also bought me a cake :) :) bad thing too ==
i get jealous !!!!!!!
haih.. ##
i wont talk much about this..
i just say > i'm hurt on my birthday!
get it!!
ohh my boyfriend~~ :( :(
i'm sorry!!
how much i this guy called 'my boyfriend'
even i'm the one who get hurt..
but still i'm the one who say sorry
it's okay..not a big deal~~
i hate argue!!
even feel bad but keep forgetting
and everything will be fine :)
remind myself..
dont think too much and always think positive!!
ohh..boyfriend saranghae!!! ♥ :) :) ^_^

as the conclusion..
i got a pink teddy bear from my family :)
and thanks to all who wish and celebrate
my EIGHTEEN birthday
:) :)

i'm just getting older =.=''
i'm an adult liao!!! i happy being eighteen??
yaya..i live for eighteen years since 1992
GET IT!! not that young!!
i'm no longer little girl
even i act like baby
but i'm not baby!! F!!
***suddenly get emotional =.=''

anyway . . . .


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