Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Pretty season passing a fragrant road
My cautious footsteps i'm nervous
When you come closer while smiling for me
It feels like all the happiness in this world is mine.

When i woke up due to the late afternoon sun i laughed.

Its still my far future but i hoped it wasn't my dream then
Just one love I hope the road we walk on is the same

Good morning Your morning call that wakes me up everyday
It feels like the morning we share together

You are more sweet then the pretty candy you give me

I have changed a lot due to time but i won't let go of your hands
Just For love Its going to be your last love forever so lean on me

Your love is so special to me
Oh It's true while looking at each other i want to be by your side

To make my life complete
You make my life complete

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