Thursday, April 15, 2010

to my love one

you know why i dont care about your twin? well,you are not the one who has twin.i have my family member who was same as's my mom told me about his twin.and i've seen his twin before.he ever scolded me.soon after that i fall sick.i got fever.he ever beat me too when i was young.he's so fierce.but'll say my dad was very kind hearted person and generous.he never cry and always protect his everything he does.he always think about his family first.i mean my mom.he is not romantic.and he does not care much about what we doing in everyday life.but we will always know what he thinks and what actually he trying to do.HE WAS MAKING HIS FAMILY HAPPY AND GIVE THEM PROTECTION! he always think like a man.even you see him so weak in the outside.but inside he always a gentleman! one who will endanger himself for the people he loves.but beside all of that sweet things.was hiding is his twin.that can out anytime should take him as an example because i know you both are same.maybe i dont think so.but both of you are:two important guys in my life.and both of you are the same!both of you was so kind and people respect you much.maybe you are not the boss but people see you in different way.but sometimes someone can overtake your lost your temper and may hurt the poeple you know about that!! right? the world is small.

just wanted to let you know
because i have no time to let you know this

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