Friday, April 23, 2010


the way he he really want me to let him go..i'm crying everytime he said like that.he said he just wanted to be honest to me.but i cant stop myself crying when he said's hurt's like i will leave him.or he does wish?.everyday i wish i can stay longer with him.and i was hoping for more.maybe it's too early.but to pray it's not wrong.he was not confident with me.because i'm childish?. perhaps!.i'm grown up but not all grown up.maybe the way i think the way i's just what people can see.i'm now on my way to understand him to know him.not because he asks's because i really want i really need to! so that i can fully know that next time there will be no misunderstand between us.maybe i say to him 'i am trying' but the truth is i'm not trying! i really does!! i was on my way!!.but it's not easy!i need time? well.i think so! not much time. but just give me some.and he as well..when we are together.i dont know what he feels.but me.i feel so happy.i feel more safe.but did i make him happy?.seems like i always give him problems.and it feels.i cant make him happy.even he smiles and laughs along with me.but in his heart.does he feels like what he act??.i was thinking thinking and thinking.if he found someone better.and what would happen?

the thing is..i really him.
but does he really

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