Tuesday, April 20, 2010

as time goes by~


there's something that make me scare to online
=.=!! yah! so right~
actually it's not about scare or wht so ever
it's about err..i dnt want hurt anyone's feeling~
especially him! i realize tht..
i have always make the person i love feel
sad.dissapointed and more :(
i dont want!!
all i want is make him HAPPY!
and i always hope i can make him happy while with me

i'm not a perfect girl
i'm not pretty as others
and i act like child
when i'm trying to do my best
at the end i spoil it myself
which make things even worse
sometimes i feel so idiot and i'm not confident
people dislikes me..
and there's a time when i'm so selfish
that i dont care others..

but when it comes to him..
all i wanted is make him happy
i dont want to lie him and i hope he's the same
and i do almost everything as he wants
maybe not all..
but now i'm more mature in my relationship
i try to control myself..especially 'the jealousy'
i try not to think too much as he thought me
but sometimes i just cant stop thinking
BUT..i control!! not think too much
so i put my belief on him!
so Boyfriend dont break my trust~


i've work for 4months and 5 days
hurmm..i dnt feel much changing
still the same..
aww..time runs so fast~
i couldnt realize i've work almost half of the year ^^
this is my first time working..
well..at first i'm surely just like the other..
cant bear the situation until i feel like want to resign :p :p
but thank God my family and my friends
always help me :) :)


To my classmates and schoolmates:

i'm sorry i cant come to the futsal match :( :(
it's not that i dont want..
ohh..i really want to go..
it's our last time meet before everybody going study
as your former leader
i feel so dissapointed that i couldnt make it to the match
and please send my regards to everybody :)
may our friendship last forever :) :)


really miss
my best girlfriend

kawan saya main macam budak tadika di bukit belakang sekolah
while others watching us through the class windows
and call us 'tiga budak gila'
makan maggi dalam store room class
cerita pasal GAGAR!! 'gossiping'
laugh until die~
being scolded together but still can laugh
even teacher scold so hard still can smile
and talk too much XD
no effect at all..
ohh..i really miss those sweet moments ^_^


cant sign in to facebook =.=!!


life's go on . . no matter what happen . .

live life to the fullest

always remember God!

~ xoxo ~



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